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The Ray (the Pythagorean Monad) descending from “ no-place", shoots like a falling star through the planes of non-being into the first world of being, and gives birth to Number One; then branching off, to the right, it produces Number Two; turning again to form the base-line it begets Number Three, and thence ascending again to Number One, it finally disappears therefrom into the realms of non-being.

Buddha Blessing

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Jesus: Baptism Initiation



Shiva copySHIVA is the first Person of the Trinity, the Destroyer, but at the same time the Final Absorber, the Whole and yet the part. In the case of the human spirit, it is the Monad.

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Secret Doctrine Stanza 3:3: an Analysis


Leoni Hodgson
Ph.De Esotericism, PMAFA
October 2014

Helena Blavatsky

Helena Blavatsky

Geoffrey Barborka

Geoffrey Barborka



Logo of the Theosophical Society

Logo of the Theosophical Society


Question 1: Regarding Geoffrey Barborka’s quote in his book the Divine Plan (page 508),

“Darkness radiates “Light” [First Logos], and Light drops one solitary “Ray” [Second Logos]

.. is Barborka correct when he interprets the First Logos as “Light” and the Second Logos as the “Ray”. Question 2: In relation to this, is the Triangle referred to by Blavatsky [HPB] in her commentaries on this stanza, the Second or Third Logos?


In the following text, I have endeavoured to clarify the meaning of the stanza 3:3 affirmation: Darkness radiates Light and Light drops one solitary Ray; by finding relevant quotes from the following books and writings. These quotes answer both questions posed in the opening statement.

• Collected Writings
• The Secret Doctrine
• The Secret Doctrine Commentaries, The Unpublished 1889 Instructions
• Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge

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Astrology Analysis of a Friend's Death

Leoni Hodgson 2014

Lawson Bracewell was a friend to many and a tireless worker in the esoteric teaching community. He is the founding member of Christ College, Akaroa, New Zealand. I met Lawson in New Zealand in the early 80′s at an astrological workshop given by Alan Oken, then later we both frequented the Auckland Goodwill Centre. We had a special connection and foundational to this was our attraction to the Bailey/ esoteric teachings and the fact that we were both astrologers. LawsonLawson2

Born 13 July 1943, Milaca USA;
died 15 July 2014 at approximately 11.07, NZST.

 Cause of death was heart disease, not heart failure. The latter is due to a weakened heart muscle. In heart disease, the physical heart muscle remains strong but is impaired from doing its work by various causes. All disciples have strong hearts, psychically and physically.

Lawson left a legacy of light and wisdom, and was the founder of Christ College located at Akaroa, New Zealand. Since 2009 it has been offering a variety of courses and meditation. 


The Meditation Room at Christ’s College

Whenever a significant event happens, all astrologers consult the stars to try to find the relevant planetary activity.
Here are my findings on Lawson’s passing.


Lawson 1

The natal chart tells us the strengths and weaknesses of our physical body. In the case of disease, realised or potential, this is shown by the most powerful planetary stress pattern, especially if the Sun is involved. It is the ultimate symbol of life and vitality. However, in the average healthy person, such diseases do not manifest until later in life and may never manifest if a compensatory, healthy lifestyle is adopted. The major planet stress pattern we find in Lawson’s birth chart is a T-square. From this point on, I will refer to this specific planetary pattern in Lawson’s chart as “the T-square”.

Sun in Cancer, wide conjunction to Jupiter-Pluto in Leo,
– Sun square Libra Ascendant:
Ascendant opposite Mars,
Mars square Jupiter and Pluto in Leo.

1. Sun (vitality and heart) in Cancer, wide conjunction to Jupiter-Pluto in Leo (the heart)
The two body parts highlighted in this stress pattern are stomach (Cancer) and Heart (Sun and Leo).
Sun in Cancer in a cadent house weakens vitality, but this is more than made up for by the conjunction to Jupiter, which boosts the Sun’s rays. Further, Jupiter being in Leo, the Sun’s sign, adds a positive aspect for health. Lawson did have health complications when young, but as an adult demonstrated physical strength and endurance.
Jupiter is conjunct Pluto, planet of transformation, upheaval, healing, death and rebirth; connecting it to the Sun. On its own, this is not a problem for a person who is on a transformational life path, such as Lawson. Pluto in such a prominent position in the chart (in Leo conjunct the MC), indicates that there will be major transformations in the profession and higher life direction. Its positive connection to the Sun indicates a powerful personality who will naturally rise to a position of prominence in his profession. This Lawson did. In terms of health, Pluto’s influence depends upon its planetary aspects. Pluto square Mars is not helpful.

2. Sun square Libra Ascendant (physical body)
The body parts highlighted in this stress pattern are heart and the physical body generally. On the higher level, the ascendant represents one’s soul or spiritual purpose.
A disciple with this pattern would be inclined to ignore health warning signs – especially to his heart, driving himself to achieve his goals. Lawson was such a person. He had a Ray 1 personality, a very strong will, and was dedicated to his teaching and meditation programs which he was rapidly expanding. Though strong in his psychic heart, his physical heart suffered in these latter years.

3. Ascendant opposite inflammatory Mars (physical body, drive and activity)
Here is the trouble maker. Mars bringing conflict and disruptions, rules the 6th house of “illness”. It is in stubborn Taurus in the 7th house of “others”. This indicates that Lawson’s personality would want to go to war with those who he thought stood in his way. As a soul, he was modifying this pattern, but stressful interactions would eventually take their toll, affecting the physical body generally (ascendant), and the heart (Mars square Leo planets, especially Jupiter [arteries]).

4. Mars square Jupiter (arteries) in Leo (heart); and Pluto
The physical body in all living forms eventually breaks down, releasing the soul in preparation for a new incarnation experience. All the signs point to heart disease in later life for Lawson. This is quite normal for disciples as Master DK points out:

“Heart disease.. Disciples and initiates are prone to suffer from this disease, owing to the awakening into violent activity of the heart centre. In the one case, the life energy flowing through the heart is employed past all human tolerance in handling human affairs; in the other, the heart centre opens up and the strain put upon the organ of the heart is too great, and heart disease supervenes. A third cause of heart disease is due to the premature or deliberately planned lifting of the energy of the solar plexus to the heart, thus putting an unexpected strain upon it.” Esoteric Healing p238.  Read more …  

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Buddhism and the No-Soul Doctrine (v4) 2014

Buddhism and the No-Soul Doctrine

An Esoteric Perspective – March 2014 (version 4)

Leoni Hodgson, PMAFA, MSE (Psych), PhD Esotericism

[This article first published in 2010, has been extensively rewritten. LH] 

buddha story 5-1

There are many who do not identify specifically with the Buddhist religion,but nonetheless hold Gautama Buddha and his world mission, in the highest regard. His teachings, specifically the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, his effect for good upon the human consciousness – all these elevate Gautama Buddha to the status of being one of the greatest spiritual Messengers the world has ever known.

Having said that, many people whose understandings are based on Deity and soul, are confused by the Buddhist “no-soul” and “no-God” doctrines. What is it that the great Teacher said exactly? Can these concepts be reconciled with the esoteric teachings promulgated by such writers as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (HPB) and Alice Bailey?[1] This investigation is the reason for this article, in which Buddhist and esoteric doctrine have been compared and an opinion added.

Gautama was born Hindu, and received esoteric training in the old Brahmanical secret Schools – whose roots are founded in pre-Vedic Wisdom. From these Indian Sages he learned the truths of emptiness, the impermanence of material life, and spiritual development techniques. All students of these schools vow not to reveal the Esoteric Doctrines imparted to them, but in his compassion for man and in order to help him, Buddha violated this.

“In His immense pity for the ignorance—and as its consequence the sufferings—of mankind, desirous though He was to keep inviolate His sacred vows, He failed to keep within the prescribed limits. While constructing His Exoteric Philosophy (the “Eye-Doctrine”) on the foundations of eternal Truth, He failed to conceal certain dogmas, and trespassing beyond the lawful lines, caused those dogmas to be misunderstood. In His anxiety to make away with the false Gods, He revealed in the Seven Paths to ‘Nirvana[2]‘ some of the mysteries of the Seven Lights of the Arupa (formless) World”.[3]

It appears that Gautama was so anxious to help man free himself from corrupt religious teachings; he gave out certain truths about the formless world of Monadic existence – a level of pure spiritual awareness (the first level down from God-consciousness or Brahman) that lies way above human existence. He released these truths to his disciples whose minds and hearts he had prepared to assimilate these great esoteric truths. In order to reach this level, all attachments and trappings pertaining to human life must be stripped away. Occurring naturally through the course of evolution, this stripping away or emptying is accelerated through certain spiritual practices. But they are way above the level of the average student in esoteric training who is being instructed in methods that raise consciousness from lower mind to higher soul wisdom – which is the half-way point to this lofty level.

Students were given a vision of the formless Monadic world, before they could build the equipment to reach it. The whole process of the Soul journey – the continuous expansion of consciousness across lives until enlightenment is reached, was omitted. This situation can be likened to an astronaut told he has to fly directly to the heart of the universe when the technology of his spaceship barely allows him to break free of the Earth’s atmosphere. The consequence is that Buddha’s teaching in this area, has been misunderstood and thus the no-soul, no-creator belief has arisen.

His new doctrine, which represented the outward dead body of the Esoteric Teaching without its vivifying Soul, had disastrous effects: it was never correctly understood… Immense philanthrophy, a boundless love and charity for all creatures, were at the bottom of His unintentional mistake… If the “Good Law,” as preached, resulted in the most sublime code of ethics and the unparalleled philosophy of things external in the visible Kosmos, it biassed and misguided immature minds into believing there was nothing more under the outward mantle of the system, and its dead-letter only was accepted.[4]

The Brahmin’s jealously reserved occult knowledge as the right of their caste. To his credit, Buddha broke this rule, admitting all castes to the path of adeptship, based on merit. It earned him great hostility however, and he was driven out of India. On the positive side, when one looks at religious intolerance in the world today, caused through immature minds misinterpreting the scriptures, perhaps Buddha’s lack of emphasis upon God was one of his greatest gift to man. With one sweeping stroke, he stripped away the roots of religious superstition and taught students to commune directly with God rather than to go through intermediaries (priests) who were so often corrupt. The Renaissance period which broke the hold of religious superstition in the west occurred two thousand years later.


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