Astrology Analysis of a Friend's Death

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Lawson Bracewell was a friend to many and a tireless worker in the esoteric teaching community. He is the founding member of Christ College, Akaroa, New Zealand. I met Lawson in New Zealand in the early 80’s at an astrological workshop given by Alan Oken, then later we both frequented the Auckland Goodwill Centre. We had a special connection and foundational to this was our attraction to the Bailey/ esoteric teachings and the fact that we were both astrologers. LawsonLawson2

Born 13 July 1943, Milaca USA;
died 15 July 2014 at approximately 11.07, NZST.

 Cause of death was heart disease, not heart failure. The latter is due to a weakened heart muscle. In heart disease, the physical heart muscle remains strong but is impaired from doing its work by various causes. All disciples have strong hearts, psychically and physically.

Lawson left a legacy of light and wisdom, and was the founder of Christ College located at Akaroa, New Zealand. Since 2009 it has been offering a variety of courses and meditation. 


The Meditation Room at Christ’s College

Whenever a significant event happens, all astrologers consult the stars to try to find the relevant planetary activity.
Here are my findings on Lawson’s passing.


Lawson 1

The natal chart tells us the strengths and weaknesses of our physical body. In the case of disease, realised or potential, this is shown by the most powerful planetary stress pattern, especially if the Sun is involved. It is the ultimate symbol of life and vitality. However, in the average healthy person, such diseases do not manifest until later in life and may never manifest if a compensatory, healthy lifestyle is adopted. The major planet stress pattern we find in Lawson’s birth chart is a T-square. From this point on, I will refer to this specific planetary pattern in Lawson’s chart as “the T-square”.

Sun in Cancer, wide conjunction to Jupiter-Pluto in Leo,
– Sun square Libra Ascendant:
Ascendant opposite Mars,
Mars square Jupiter and Pluto in Leo.

1. Sun (vitality and heart) in Cancer, wide conjunction to Jupiter-Pluto in Leo (the heart)
The two body parts highlighted in this stress pattern are stomach (Cancer) and Heart (Sun and Leo).
Sun in Cancer in a cadent house weakens vitality, but this is more than made up for by the conjunction to Jupiter, which boosts the Sun’s rays. Further, Jupiter being in Leo, the Sun’s sign, adds a positive aspect for health. Lawson did have health complications when young, but as an adult demonstrated physical strength and endurance.
Jupiter is conjunct Pluto, planet of transformation, upheaval, healing, death and rebirth; connecting it to the Sun. On its own, this is not a problem for a person who is on a transformational life path, such as Lawson. Pluto in such a prominent position in the chart (in Leo conjunct the MC), indicates that there will be major transformations in the profession and higher life direction. Its positive connection to the Sun indicates a powerful personality who will naturally rise to a position of prominence in his profession. This Lawson did. In terms of health, Pluto’s influence depends upon its planetary aspects. Pluto square Mars is not helpful.

2. Sun square Libra Ascendant (physical body)
The body parts highlighted in this stress pattern are heart and the physical body generally. On the higher level, the ascendant represents one’s soul or spiritual purpose.
A disciple with this pattern would be inclined to ignore health warning signs – especially to his heart, driving himself to achieve his goals. Lawson was such a person. He had a Ray 1 personality, a very strong will, and was dedicated to his teaching and meditation programs which he was rapidly expanding. Though strong in his psychic heart, his physical heart suffered in these latter years.

3. Ascendant opposite inflammatory Mars (physical body, drive and activity)
Here is the trouble maker. Mars bringing conflict and disruptions, rules the 6th house of “illness”. It is in stubborn Taurus in the 7th house of “others”. This indicates that Lawson’s personality would want to go to war with those who he thought stood in his way. As a soul, he was modifying this pattern, but stressful interactions would eventually take their toll, affecting the physical body generally (ascendant), and the heart (Mars square Leo planets, especially Jupiter [arteries]).

4. Mars square Jupiter (arteries) in Leo (heart); and Pluto
The physical body in all living forms eventually breaks down, releasing the soul in preparation for a new incarnation experience. All the signs point to heart disease in later life for Lawson. This is quite normal for disciples as Master DK points out:

“Heart disease.. Disciples and initiates are prone to suffer from this disease, owing to the awakening into violent activity of the heart centre. In the one case, the life energy flowing through the heart is employed past all human tolerance in handling human affairs; in the other, the heart centre opens up and the strain put upon the organ of the heart is too great, and heart disease supervenes. A third cause of heart disease is due to the premature or deliberately planned lifting of the energy of the solar plexus to the heart, thus putting an unexpected strain upon it.” Esoteric Healing p238.


Whenever the T-square of planets was “hit” by hard transiting or progressed planetary influences, stress would build. This naturally happens many times during a life. For instance, in December 2008 the progressed Moon conjoined natal Mars, triggering the pattern and giving a warning sign of things to come. Shortly after and for three years, transit Pluto inconjuncted Jupiter-MC-Pluto.

1. Saturn: in 2010, transit Saturn made a crystallising square to the Sun (heart) and then Jupiter (arteries). Late 2012, transit Saturn crossed the ascendant and moved into the 1st house, heralding a new cycle of work. Disciples respond to this call from the great Teacher, by working harder. This was true with Lawson who was expanding his webinar classes. But this puts intense strain on the physical body because Saturn’s energy tends to contract and the body cells respond. Lawson got through this period.

2. The T-square progressed by solar-arc: in 2008, the Pluto-Jupiter part of the solar-arc T-square was fully in the 12th House of endings.

3. Pluto moving through Capricorn (2008-2023) would bring challenges for all Cancer Sun people, insisting on major change and transformation. Sometimes, when the time is right, souls will use this type of transit to bring about the death of the physical form. Pluto was due to oppose Lawson’s Sun (15 Cancer) in 2018. That would have been a most challenging period for Lawson and he probably knew this. But prior to that, in 2013, transit Pluto reached an opposition to inflammatory Mars (by solar-arc). This would have exacerbated the T-square pattern.

4. Progressed Sun and Neptune: By the end of 2013, Lawson’s progressed Sun was approaching the end of the sign it was moving through (Virgo). Vitality is at its lowest in this phase. Notably, standing like a solitary sentinel at the end of Virgo is the spiritual Teacher Neptune, soul ruler of Lawson’s personality (Sun sign) life. Neptune has a dispersing effect and its energy draws souls back to their spiritual source. The soul reviewed the life and we know now that a decision was made to end it. This was not what Lawson had consciously intended.

5. Eclipses: In 2013 and 2014, several eclipses hit Lawson’s ascendant/ descendant and Mars (triggering the major stress pattern). The effect of an eclipse is powerful, because the two planets involved – Sun and Moon, rule heart/ life/ vitality and the lunar life of the physical form. It presages a major energy shift in oneself and one’s relationships with others.
• 15 April 2013: lunar eclipse 5 Scorpio 46, forming a T-square to Mars, Jupiter-Pluto.
• 18 October 2013: lunar eclipse 25 Aries 45, on ascendant/ descendent axis.
• 15 April 2014: lunar eclipse 25 Libra 16, on ascendant/ descendent axis.
• 29 April 2014: solar eclipse 8 Taurus 52, on natal Mars.
The eclipses on the ascendant-descendant axis weakened the physical body’s grip on life. The eclipses to Mars triggered the major stress pattern, affecting the heart.

lawson 2

6. In late 2013 and 2014, along with the eclipses, several planets “hit” the solar-arc T-square configuration, irritating the existing physical condition:
– In 2013, transit Jupiter conjuncted solar-arc Mars in the 9H.
– In January 2014, transit Pluto opposed Mars.
– In March-April, the “alarm-clock”, the progressed Moon reached this line-up.
– All through December to June, transit Mars conjuncted the Pluto-Jupiter point in the 12H. Remember, this is the disruptor and troublemaker. It rules the 6th house of health, was by transit in the other house of serious ailments, the 12th; and by secondary progression was in the 8th house of death.

7. On 15 July 2014 NZDT, Lawson’s body died.
– At death, transit Mars was on the Ascendant, the trouble it created brought a fatal conclusion.
– Progressed Moon had reached co-ruler of the 8th house of death – Mercury, finalising things.

Lawson 3

Lawson’s life was a celebration of spiritual achievement. All those who had a close association with him saw the struggle and effort he made as a soul to overcome personality limitations and he was most successful in this regard. An excellent astrologer – counselor and teacher of esotericism, he worked diligently to the end in his ashramic service work, benefiting many. This is probably the high hope of any disciple.

Lawson increased the light in the world. He died with the Sun and Jupiter high in the heavens, went out on a wave of light and with the blessing of the Lord of Love.


Lawson with co-workers Orest and Julia

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  • Thanks Helen, yes, Lawson remains amongst us still because we continue to carry those wonderful experiences we shared together. Glad you have joined MF. Love Leoni

  • Helen Collicutt

    My heartfelt thanks for sharing the tribute to Lawson. I had hoped to meet him in the physical at the 2015 Conference, which of course will not happen. However, I feel blessed and honoured to have participated in his webinar classes these past years. I will always treasure his wisdom, his presentation of Master D.K.’s work, and his Astrological Chart Readings, which were “spot on”.
    With Love and Light,
    Helen Collicutt….a new student of the Morya Federation School.

  • Larry Harrington

    Thank-you for presenting this tribute to Lawson. I did not know him well, however the few times I did meet and interact with him will stay in my memory in a most positive way.
    I also received a note from Orest and Julia which was obviously very heartfelt … I mentioned in a reply to Orest that I thought the esoteric community was a bit overly silent around Lawson’s death, possibly the community focuses so much on the ‘other side’ it may sometimes forget that we are all together here and now.
    Best Regards,
    Larry Harrington

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