Esoteric Astrology - an overview


We Originate
from the Stars!


Human beings are the outer forms of
spiritual Sparks (Monads), who are using
the human form to demonstrate the Light, Love
and Power of the Cosmos, through man.




The greatest examples of those who have reached the
acme of this goal, are
Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ.
One day, through the processes of reincarnation, we too will become
world servers, shining stars in the sea of humanity.

To achieve this goal, the vehicles which the Spark needs to “walk on earth” (mind, emotional, and physical), must be developed and refined, so that they can handle its fiery force. Each new incarnation provides man with an opportunity to take this a step further, and to expand and raise consciousness so that it draws closer to the Spark. This is the SOUL’s job. The Soul is the love aspect of the Monad or Spark. It manages the hundreds of incarnations which are required to transform human consciousness into an adequate instrument for the reception of Divine Power.

Esoteric Astrology gives an overview of the work
which is required to transform consciousness, and the following 
points distinguish it from Exoteric Astrology.

 1. The Signs Are Read On 3 Levels, for 3 Levels Of Consciousness

i. For average man – the Personality level of consciousness. The chart is read exoterically (traditional planet rulership) for this group who are still identified with the consciousness of the little “I”. This is the ego who identifies only with those in its own circle – biological family, footy team, same race, religion, etc. Such a person is naturally suspicious or hostile to views which are different to its own. It is competitive and lives by the rules of the “survival of the fittest”. The Spark is not muchin evidence at this stage.

Exoteric astrology deals with the characteristics and qualities
of the personality, and of the outer material life.

ii. For Aspirants and Disciples – Soul or Group Consciousness. The chart is read esoterically (using the esoteric planet rulership)for  those whose consciousness has expanded out into the wider stream of humanity. The Spark is beginning to shine its light through this group.  These are people of goodwill, those in our community who are bridge builders, healers, who are supportive of right-human-relations, and are concerned for the well being of people, of all creatures and of the planet itself. For people at this level, the chart is also read at the exoteric level. Then the esoteric and exoteric charts are compared, representing as they do, the conflict between the Soul and personality, and the work which must be done to bring about purification and integration.

Esoteric astrology is primarily concerned with the
unfoldment of consciousness – with the evolution of the soul.

iii. For Initiates and Masters – Spiritual consciousness. The chart is read using the Hierarchical planet rulers. The Spark is now in full radiation through the fields of those who are identified fully with the human race as a whole. To them there is no black-white, west-east, Christian-Muslim, but only the One humanity. Examples: Ghandi, Mandela, Mother Theresa.

For these great ones the ego no longer exists, so the chart is read at all
and indicates world service work.

2. Signs and their rulers

Signs             Exoteric Ruler        Esoteric Ruler     Hierarchy Ruler

Aries             Mars                     Mercury              Uranus

Taurus           Venus                   Vulcan                Vulcan

Gemini          Mercury                 Venus                 Earth

Cancer           Moon v. Neptune   Neptune              Neptune

Leo                Sun                       Sun v. Neptune   Sun v. Uranus

Virgo             Mercury                 Moon v. Vulcan   Jupiter

Libra             Venus                   Uranus                Saturn

Scorpio         Mars, Pluto           Mars                   Mercury

Sagittarius     Jupiter                  Earth                  Mars

Aquarius       Uranus, Saturn       Jupiter                Moon v. Uranus

Capricorn      Saturn                   Saturn                 Venus

Pisces           Jupiter, Neptune    Pluto                  Pluto 

3. Sun, Moon, Ascendent Signs represent the PRESENT, PAST, and FUTURE.

The Ascendent Sign: primary spiritual goal and purpose for the current and FUTURE incarnation.
The Sun Sign: symbolises the PRESENT state of the consciousness – Personality consciousness.
The Moon Sign: represents major negative emotional response patterns inherited from the PAST – they constitute the ”prison of the soul.”
Vulcan – Purifies the nature and transforms passion into aspiration.
Mercury – Illumines the mind, dispels illusion, develops the intuition.
Venus – Shines all that is beautiful and of quintessential value through the nature.
Earth – Provides the arena for life experience and practical service.
Mars – Intensifies the passions, the desires, and brings the ego out fighting.
Jupiter – Expands and fuses heart and mind, producing one who Loves with Wisdom.
Saturn – Provides opportunity to apply disciplines, to resolve karma, and walk the Path.
Uranus – Awakens to a new independence and freedom, leads into the future.
Neptune – Purifies the ego, and dissolves all blocks to pure Christ Love.     
Pluto – Destroys all snares from the past, closes all chapters, purges all obstacles to love.

4. In Esoteric Astrology ~ the Seven Rays are used.

The seven rays are the seven fundamental energies of the universe, from which all is made – Spirit, Soul and form. Identifying one’s Soul ray is a vital stage in Self realisation. When we know this, we know which spiritual ashram we belong to, and the service area on earth which our ashram is responsible for. This gives the clue to which vocation we are most suited to. If our vocation is on the line of our Soul ray, we will feel fulfilled and content in our work. If it is on the line of the personality, it will be just another job. Reading the astrology chart built around the knowledge of the Soul Ray, is crucial if true understanding about life purpose is to be gained. The rays are spiritual energies, and give life and power to the constellations – each ray flows through three signs.

1.     Ray 1 Will-Power – Aries, Leo, Capricorn
Strengths: Will-Power, leadership, self reliance, persistence, courage, ambitious shoulders heavy responsibilities. Weaknesses: destructive, cruel, impatient, aloof, controlling, pride, arrogance, isolationist. Vocations: Politics, the law, statesmanship, government, management.

2.     Ray 2 Love-Wisdom – Gemini, Virgo, Pisces
Strengths: wise, inclusive, understanding, patient, empathetic, considerate, kind and loving. Weaknesses: over-sensitive, seeks approval, craves popularity, dependent, self-pitying, fearful. Vocations: Teaching, healing, religion.

3.     Ray 3 Active Intelligence – Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
Strengths: highly flexible, wide ranging mind; powerful intellect, capable of rigorous analysis, ability to plan and strategise, powerful oratory, business skill and cleverness, highly active and motivated. Weaknesses: manipulating, deceitful, devious, restless, too voluble, game playing, too material. Vocations: Business and financial entrepreneurs, stimulating the intellect in others, strategists, philosophers.

4.     Ray 4 Harmony through Conflict – Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Strengths: balanced, serene, intuitive, diplomatic, peacemaking, artistic – capable of creating colour and beauty, a good sense of humour, abundant creativity, spontaneous and improvising. Weaknesses: ambivalent, indecisive, conflict ridden, over emotional, too compromising, violent mood swings. Vocations: diplomat, counsellor, artist, entertainer.

5.     Ray 5 Concrete Mind – Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius
Strengths: the scientific mind, analytical, technical, pragmatic, inventive, powerful research capability, objective. Weaknesses: Insensitive, critical, unforgiving, separative, non-social, all mind and no heart, seeks to control through knowledge. Vocations: scientist, researcher, engineer, analyst, technician.

6.     Ray 6 Devotion & Idealism – Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces
Strengths: loyal, devout, mystical, aspiring, zealous, enthusiastic, earnest, sincere, goodness. Weaknesses: over emotional, over-dependent, blind faith, intolerant, fanatical, dogmatic, sentimental, one-eyed, takes things personally. Vocations: devotional servers, humanitarian vocations, soldiers, the armies of people caring for others in one way or another, also religion. 

7.    Ray 7 Ceremony Order Magic – Aries, Cancer, Capricorn
Strengths: highly organised and efficient, managing skill, meticulous, self-reliant, graceful, excellent manners, magical ability to manifest what is required on the physical plane. Weaknesses: rigid orderliness, exacting perfectionist, intolerant, superficial judgment, emphasises appearance and image, pompous, bigotry, materialism. Vocations: management, manifesting ideas, building stately forms on earth such as through architecture, ceremony, magic.

5. The Esoteric Astrologer will help people identify
oul and personality rays.
The prison of the soul pattern needing to be transmuted.
The dharma (life duty) we are responsible for completing.
Particular areas of karmic duties to fulfil.
The Soul’s Purpose and spiritual development opportunities.
Areas of service.

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