Astrology of Jesus Christ


Leoni Rare Hodgson

PMAFA, MSE Esoteric Psychology, PhD Philosophy on Esotericism


(Note from author). This article, is an exploration of the astrology chart of Jesus Christ – and therefore of the speculative date and time of birth. There have been many dates offered, but unsatisfied with the reasoning behind existing speculative charts, I decided to do my own investigation and came up with a birth date and time that seem to “work” when compared to what we know about Christ’s mission on earth. Justifications have been included in the article.

Esoteric writings tell us that Christ came to teach man about the Path of Initiation, and that his life was a demonstration of the five initiations that make man “perfect” – birth, baptism, transfiguration, crucifixion and ascension. Working with the birth date and time I selected – I progressed the chart forward in time to see if I could find astrological evidence for these events. I did, and these are included. 


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There is another point to note – according to esoteric writings, Jesus and Christ were two different beings. Jesus was an initiate, while Christ was an avatar, a Messenger of God. At the Jordan baptism, Christ manifested through Jesus. Christ came forward as the perfect expression of divinity for our cycle – he is the Master of the Masters and the Teacher of angels and of men.

1. Analysing Jesus’ Birth Date and Time


a. Sun in Pisces at zero degrees

The Catholic Encyclopaedia places Jesus’ birth date at the time of an eclipse of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces, in the spring of A.U.C. 748 (6 BC). [1] A conjunction of these planets did occur in Pisces from the 6th to 27th Feb.

The Sun moved from Aquarius to Pisces in this period. A Pisces Sun Sign seems appropriate. Christ was the World Teacher for the Piscean Age.

Christ was born into.. Pisces the Fishes [2]   

Pisces.. world Saviour.. Christ [3]

Jesus would have to be born between the 21st and 27th 6 BC, to have a Pisces Sun and retain the triple conjunction in Pisces. 

A 21 February birth date was selected because the Sabian Symbol for the 1st degree of Pisces (the Pisces Sun is at zero degrees on that day) seems to best fit his mission. “Late Saturday afternoon, crowds fill the public market.” Jesus walked and mingled with the masses, with the common people.

b. Capricorn Ascendant at 18 degrees

Capricorn was selected for the Ascendant Sign for the following reasons.

1. Master Djwhal Khul said that Christ was born in both Pisces and Capricorn [4]. Since the Sun Sign has been reserved for Pisces, it makes Capricorn a promising candidate for the Ascendant.

2. Jesus’ birthday is celebrated in Capricorn.

3. Jesus was born at night [5], and with a Pisces Sun – Capricorn passed over the Ascendant during the night.

4. Christ came to prepare people for initiation and Capricorn is the sign that represents initiation.

5.  Christ came to teach love. Venus rules Capricorn at the hierarchical level, where it represents spiritual love. At the hypothetical birth time, Venus – the Lord of Love, was rising in the East and conjunct the Ascendant.

The degree of the Ascendant – 18 Capricorn

This degree was selected after considering the planetary positions on the day selected for Christ’s death – 3 April 0033 (see crucifixion). On that day by solar-arc direction, Pluto was at Libra 18. An Ascendant of Capricorn 18 would place Pluto on the MC at Christ’s death – exactly square the Ascendant. This would appropriately signify the intense suffering and agony that Christ suffered at the crucifixion. 

Consequently, eighteen degrees of Capricorn was selected for the Ascendant, then tested against events in Jesus life. It works – see the initiations section later.

The Sabian Symbol for the 19th degree of Capricorn is “Five year old girl proudly does her mother’s marketing”. In this case, a 12-year-old boy emerged to attend to his heavenly Father’s affairs. "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" St Luke, 2:49.

Jesus speculative birth date and time is:
21 February 6 BC, at 4:36 am Bethlehem, Israel.


Astrology Chart: Jesus Christ – Nativity

2. Analysis of the Hypothetical Birth Chart

Pisces stellium

The most striking features in the chart are the Pisces stellium and the dominance of Neptune – ruler of Pisces, in the midheaven. This is appropriate for Christ, since Neptune is his planetary symbol.

Pisces is the sign in which World Saviours usually appear – it carries the rays of love: the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom and the 6th Ray of Devotion. These were the primary forces that Christ used in his work – essentially he was a world teacher, healer and server.

Christ’s Monad (the Sun), the symbol of his mission on Earth, is in Pisces.

The “Light of the World” flows through Pisces. This is the light that reveals the light of life (Taurus) itself, and ends forever the darkness of matter. [6] The stellium of planets in Pisces indicates this flow of light and love through the great Teacher. Christ said:

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will have a life filled with light and will never live in the dark. John 8:12

2nd House stellium: the second house is related to Taurus and to Buddha. Once again, we see Christ building upon the preparatory work begun by Buddha. The latter taught detachment, while Christ gave man a new set of values to live by – based on love.

Neptune in the Midheaven

Neptune, the primary symbol for the Christ dominates the chart at the midheaven – in Scorpio and retrograde. It turned direct by secondary progression when Jesus was seven. Jesus must have been receiving its potent power from that age onwards.

Neptune is known esoterically as the Initiator.. the great Teacher of the West and the present world Initiator, Christ, is spoken of as Neptune, Who rules the ocean, whose trident and astrological symbol signifies the Trinity in manifestation and Who is the ruler of the Piscean Age. [7]

Scorpio is related to discipleship and Neptune as ruler of Pisces is related to mastership and ascension. Christ has come to take the teachings begun by Buddha one step further – to guide pilgrims from the Path of Discipleship, onto the Path of Initiation. Neptune shining overhead is a perfect symbol for a World Saviour.

The triple conjunction

Saturn, Mars and Jupiter: some think that this conjunction formed the Star of Bethlehem that the wise men saw in the East and followed. Numerology gives a clue:

Mars – Ray 6 +
Saturn – Ray 3 +
Jupiter – Ray 2
= 11 the master number of the initiate.

Jesus the master initiate (11), and Lord of Love (Jupiter), is born into humble circumstances (Pisces), and will live 30 years (three planets X 10) as a carpenter (Mars, Saturn).

The work begun by Buddha: raising energy from the solar plexus chakra, to the throat and to the heart – from Mars to Saturn to Jupiter; is extended now to the crown chakra. The number “11” is the number of the Master or Uranus that rules the crown chakra.

3. The Initiations

In this section, Christ’s life as it relates to initiations one to five are examined astrologically. Astrologers will note how successfully the speculative chart – transits and progressions, work at each of these important milestone events.

1st initiation, birth at Bethlehem – influenced by Vulcan and Pluto [8]

The 1st initiation represents the purification of the physical nature, and the birth of the Christ Spirit in the cave of the heart. Jesus birth in the manger represents this initiation.

At Jesus’ birth, Pluto was in Virgo – the sign representing the Christ birth, and opposing the Sun. The Sun is a channel for Vulcan. This created an intense Pluto – Vulcan stress pattern, symbolising the cleansing and purification that takes place at this initiation.

2nd initiation, the Baptism – Neptune, Venus and Jupiter influence


Astrology Chart: Jesus Christ – Baptism

The 2nd initiation represents the purification of the emotional nature. In Jesus life this was represented by the baptism at the river Jordan when he was filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit and he became the Christ. This initiation marked a tremendous change in the life of Jesus. Up to that time he had simply been the carpenter of the little town. But after the purification in Jordan he became the Christ. [9] This event was a second birth – the Christ emerged and began his mission. The date selected for the baptism is 8 January 30. A full moon occurred at 16 Capricorn, falling on Jesus’ Ascendant – in the east, the place of light.

Here is the “blaze of light” – the Sun, Venus and Neptune were conjunct Jesus’ Ascendant and the full moon magnified their combined lights.

The blaze of fire was formed by a grand trine between transits Pluto at 7 Sagittarius trine Uranus at 5 Leo, both trine Christ’s progressed Sun at 4 Aries. If we add Saturn at 4 Gemini then a kite configuration is formed with Saturn at the head of the kite.  Saturn represents the Holy Spirit [10] – the symbol for the anointing by holy fire.

The symbology for Christ’s emergence and the start of the new mission is:

The progressed Ascendant moved from Aquarius into zero Pisces.

The Ascendant moved across the natal Sun. (Christ emerging through Jesus’ purified personality)

Transit Jupiter, the third planet involved at the second initiation is moving over this point.

3rd Initiation, the transfiguration – the Moon and Mars bring conflict


Astrology Chart: Jesus Christ – Transfiguration

At the 3rd, the battle between the soul and personality – or Angel of the Presence and the Dweller on the Threshold, takes place. They fight for control of the consciousness. This initiation is represented by Christ’s transfiguration that took place a few months before his death.

The 4th January 33 has been selected as transfiguration day. This is because a full-moon at 13 Capricorn fell across the Ascendant – Descendant axis. This seems appropriate since Capricorn rules the transfiguration and Christ was flooded with light at that event.

Saturn represents the planetary Dweller on the Threshold [11], and here are the astrological indicators of the Dweller:

The Dweller: Saturn in detriment in Cancer
on its right is solar-arc Pluto at 18 Libra
on its left is transit and progressed Mars at 18-19 Aries

Having risen, the Dweller issues a challenge.

It forms a Grand Cross with natal Venus and the Ascendant – the battle lines are drawn.

Venus is the Angel, and here are the indicators of the Angel of the Presence:

Natal Venus conjunct the Ascendant,
transit Venus at 0 Pisces, uniting with
progressed Venus at 0 Pisces
moving over the personality nature – the Sun at 0 Pisces.

Uranus or spirit, working through the transit Moon rises to 13-18 Cancer, moving over the heart of the Dweller (Saturn) it strikes with a storm of electrical and solar fire and the transfiguration occurs.

4th initiation the crucifixion – Mercury and Saturn influence


 Astrology Chart: Jesus Christ – Crucifixion

At the 4th, freedom from rebirth is achieved. This initiation is represented by Christ’s crucifixion. Jesus died around age thirty-three and was crucified at the beginning of the Jewish Passover, on Friday. [12] Because the sky went dark, astronomers believe there was an eclipse on that day.

From the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour. 46. And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? 50. Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. Matthew 27: 45. 

Ideally, with a birth year of 0006 BC, the year of death should be around 24 AD. But the astronomy, the “Friday” factor and other astrological omens just do not fit for that year. But they do for 3 April 33 AD. This date makes Christ older than thirty-three. But the author decided to follow the astronomy when making the selection for the date of death – just as she did when selecting a birth date, and cannot explain the discrepancy.

An eclipse happened on that day at 17:30, about the time when Christ died. The eclipse was at 11 Libra, conjunct solar-arc Pluto at 18 Libra – presaging the death.

Christ knows his end is upon him. The church hierarchy (solar-arc Pluto 9H) want Jesus’ blood. They stir up the mob (progressed Mars 3H), who choose Jesus to die, and the crucifixion takes place.

Natal Pluto in the 8th house of death is the messenger of death. By solar-arc directions, it has risen to Libra 18, squaring the Ascendant. It brings change and darkness. Christ dies and the eclipse happens.

Transit Pluto is conjunct the progressed MC and solar-arc Neptune (Christ and his mission). It has ended.

The rulers of this initiation – Saturn and Mercury, are trine by transit and aspect the Ascendant, monitoring the events.

5th initiation, the resurrection and ascension – Jupiter and Uranus


Astrology Chart: Jesus Christ – Ascension

The 5th represents mastership and the rising of the personality-soul consciousness into that of the Monad.  Christ’s resurrection came 3 days after his death, and ascension 40 days later – hypothetically on 17 May 0033.

Neptune – the symbol for Christ is at zero degrees Aquarius. The esoteric teachings tell us that Christ will return as the World Teacher in Aquarius. [13]

Transit Jupiter and Uranus are sextile and form a “finger of God” pattern – a “Y” or “yod” with Jesus’ Ascendant – his soul purpose point.

Yod is Hebrew and is the first letter of the Divine Name YHVH and the name of the Saviour of the world – Yeshua or Jesus. As Christ ascends, the music of the spheres is heard: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. “The Son of God, who is also a Son of Man, has completed his mission and has ascended to his Father in heaven.

4. Analysis of the Crosses

This chart highlights the Christ’s planets on the Crosses without the distorting effects of the houses.

Higher initiates have mastered all zodiacal energies, they control all three Crosses – thereby displaying their mastery over matter, soul and spirit. The three Crosses are also called and the Crosses of Hidden Christ, the Crucified Christ and the Risen Christ. On the Mount of Golgotha, Christ was on the Risen Cross, the “unrepentant thief” represents those who travel on the Hidden Cross and the “saved thief”, those on the Crucified Cross. The Cardinal or Cosmic Cross is highlighted in the chart. Christ came to teach initiation and this Cross is associated with the higher initiations.

Aries: it represents the creative power of Deity. Uranus unveiled by the Moon or purified form, is on the Aries arm, representing this power.

Cancer: it represents the gateway into Manifestation. The Monads issue from Aries, taking form in Cancer; then at the end of their journey round the three Crosses and the initiations, they return to the Source – represented by Aries. The Moon, the form, ruler of Cancer, is in Aries.

Libra: it represents The Law and the need to follow spiritual and natural law to progress upon the evolutionary path. Those who follow God’s Law find themselves at the portals of initiation – Capricorn. Venus, exoteric ruler of Libra is in Capricorn, the sign of initiation.

Capricorn: it represents the processes of initiation, the graded steps that lead consciousness through the gateway to cosmic Light and Life. The consciousness that started its journey blinded on the Mutable Cross (Saturn in Pisces), realises spiritual consciousness (Venus in Capricorn).

Jesus Birthchart

Pisces – Virgo











Jesus Christ was the avatar for the Piscean Age, and the Pisces stellium represents the blaze of light and higher force which the Christ was a representative of. Here is the promise of world salvation, the Fisherman has cast his net into Neptune’s ocean to rescue lost souls.

Now, due to Christ’s mission on Earth and his birth into form, the Christ Spirit is available to all who cleanse their souls (Pluto in Virgo). This opens up the Path, leading ultimately to Crucifixion and Ascension. Pluto releases the kundalini fire from the base chakra, and it rises up the etheric channels to the crown chakra – Uranus. God, the Father rules.

This article is taken from the author’s new book
which will be available for purchase in May.

[1] The Nativity: St. Matthew (2:1) tells us that Jesus was born "in the days of King Herod". Josephus (Ant., XVII, viii, 1) informs us that Herod died after ruling thirty-four years de facto, thirty seven years de jure. Herod was made king of Judea A.U.C. 714, while he began his actual rule after taking Jerusalem A.U.C. 717. As the Jews reckoned their years from Nisan to Nisan, and counted fractional parts as an entire year, the above data will place the death of Herod in A.U.C. 749, 750, 751. Again, Josephus tells us from that an eclipse of the moon occurred not long before Herod's death; such an eclipse occurred from 12 to 13 March, A.U.C. 750, so that Herod must have died before the Passover of that year which fell on 12 April (Josephus, "Ant"., iv, 4; viii, 4). As Herod killed the children up to two years old, in order to destroy the new born King of the Jews, we are led to believe that Jesus may have been born A.U.C. 747, 748, 749. The enrolment under Cyrinus mentioned by St. Luke in connection with the nativity of Jesus Christ, and the remarkable astronomical conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in Pisces, in the spring of A.U.C. 748, will not lead us to any more definite result.

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[13] Reappearance of the Christ, p85-86


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