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An Esoteric Profile


By Leoni Hodgson  – Paper updated Oct 2009

PMAFA, MSE Esoteric Psychology, PhD Philosophy in Esotericism






  1. Born on 4 August, 1961 in Hawaii.
  2. His mother was Caucasian anthropologist Ann Durham, his father was a black Kenya-born Harvard-educated economist, a Muslim who left the family when Obama was two. His father visited once when he was ten year old, and died in 1982. His mother married to an Indonesian student and they moved to Jakarta and lived there for four years from age 6 to 10. His half-sister Maya was born in Jakarta. At the age of 10, Obama returned back to US to live with his maternal grandparent. His mother died in 1995.
  3. Married on October 18, 1992 to Michelle Robinson, a Chicago native, also a Harvard Law School graduate, and has two young daughters, Malia and Sasha.
  4. He is a graduate of Columbia University and has a law degree from Harvard Law School. He was the first black Editor of the Harvard Law Review. He has worked in various fields including community service, college lecturer, and in law. He is a successful writer with two bestselling books 1) Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance and The Audacity of Hope.
  5. His faith is Christian, United Church of Christ. His values are strongly shaped by his expertise as a Constitutional law professor and civil rights attorney, and by his Christian values.
  6. He served 7 years as an Illinois State Senator, resigning to assume U.S. Senate responsibilities. He is the fifth African-American senator in the American history. On 5 Nov 2008 he was elected the 44th President of the United States, and sworn in on January 20, 2009. His election as the first black US President brought a sense of empowerment and inspiration for black people internationally. It also represented hope that the US would honour international and moral law, and work more cooperatively with the world community than did his predecessors.



Humanity is divided into three broad levels of consciousness.

  1. [Average man] The narrow focus of the self centred personality, divisive, and materialistic.
  2. [Disciples] Those who are becoming group/ Soul conscious, who are inclusive, magnetic, wiser and kinder. Intelligent and motivated, this group is distinguished by the struggle they have with their emotions, with the duality within the nature.
  3. [Initiates].  This is the most advanced group – those whose consciousness is global, who identify with humanity, who are involved in world affairs, and who work for the greater good. Alignment with the Soul is proceeding quickly, and the light of truth and integrity is making its presence felt. Stable and centred, people at this level approach life from a level tableland of experience. Very intelligent, they are learning to control the mind and manipulate thought matter. They are leaders and are expressing the Will and Power of God.

In the author’s opinion, Obama fits into the third group. He radiates a fine energy – indicating the presence and higher vibration of the soul. He comes from a deep point of stableness and stillness, and has a quiet and thoughtful aura about him which signifies the (spiritual) depth of his character. He is an intellectual and managed the presidential political debates with exceeding skill, responding to his critics coolly and with facts and figures. His consciousness appears to be global, his message unifying and directed to the greater good, whether that is within America itself, or in the international community.  His magnetism attracts great numbers of supporters across the political divide, and from all sections of the community. He is highly popular outside of the USA, and although part of this can be contributed to the anti-Bush/ neo-con sentiment, it is more than this. He draws people to him and appears to be working with the Law of Attraction.

“We rise or fall as one nation; the fundamental belief that I am my brother’s keeper; I am my sister’s keeper.”

Obama speech.

“We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and non-believers. We are shaped by every language and culture (and)  we cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace.” Inaugural Address, Jan. 20. 2009

This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet. Let us resolve that we will not leave our children a world where the oceans rise and famine spreads and terrible storms devastate our lands.

Barack Obama has all the credentials of the famous "pointy-headed" intellectual… He has degrees from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, he taught at the University of Chicago… In speeches and debates, he has bombarded voters with detailed arguments about public policy. When his character is attacked, his instinct is to respond with facts and figures.  E. Zelizer CNN Oct 13 2008



I have placed Obama at a very advanced stage of consciousness – and at this higher level souls are drawn unfailingly to serve in the life area which is served by their Ray Ashram. Obama is drawn to serve in politics and based on this, they way he conducts himself in public, and from his appearance, I believe is Soul is on the Will and Power Ray, and his Personality is on the winning and endearing Love and Wisdom Ray. This means that his area of service is law and politics, but he will go about achieving his service goals utilising the charm and attractive magnetism of his personality ray. He is steel in a velvet glove. This is being noticed, and it adds support to the ray energies I have chosen.

Obama's velvet glove conceals steel: There is a strange quality to Barack Obama's pragmatism. It can look like dilly-dallying, weakness, indecisiveness. But although he may seem weak at times, one of the words most applicable to him is something else entirely: ruthless. Beneath the crisp suit and easy smile there is a core of strategic steel. In this respect, Obama's domestic strategy is rather like his foreign one – not so much weakness but the occasional appearance of weakness as a kind of strategy. The Australian Oct 21 2009



Click here for Obama’s Chart

Obama’s birth chart does not reflect the status of a USA president when interpreted normally. There are no planets in the 10th house of status, power and influence, and neither is the ascendent strong and ‘glorified’ which is usually the case when the 10th house influence is lacking. But for initiates this is to be expected. The ego is no longer in charge of the life energies, which is why the chart does not reflect a personality driven by a hunger for power.

In a chart interpreted esoterically, the Sun is not the centre of power –  the
Ascendant (the eastern doorway to the place of spiritual power) is.  Another very important
point is that, although it can be read on a personal level, the astrology chart of an
advanced Soul primarily represents the service goals of the incarnation.

1. Soul Purpose via the Aquarius Ascendent:

The centre of power is Obama’s Aquarius Ascendent – his soul purpose is to act as a conduit for the Water-Bearer – the Aquarian Christ, and as such, his mission is to create and increase universal brotherhood on earth. Aquarius initiates are custodians of “The Light that shines on Earth, across the sea”, they are men and women of spirit, of life, who are consecrated to the divine service of humanity, and who carry the burden of world upon their shoulders. Their vision of a new World Order will inspire many others to join them, in order to help lift humanity from the dark conditions in which he lives, into the light. They are dedicated to the revelation of the Soul, to the revelation of spirit, and pouring forth knowledge, wisdom, and love, through many unique avenues, they will lead man into the age of universal brotherhood.

Aquarius modifies the Power of Obama’s Soul Ray, giving him an excellent intellect (the Science Ray flows through Aquarius), and ability to find unique solutions to life’s problems by utilising the power of science. His acute intelligence will be a major factor in his work, enabling him to find the right solutions for the problems of humanity which he will be dealing with. The Labours of Hercules are spiritual legends which depict the struggle which souls will experience in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. In the Labour in Aquarius, Hercules came up with an intelligent and unique method to help citizens who were smitten by plague. The legend symbolises the way Obama will work.

Cleansing the Augean Stables. Hercules was sent to clean the cattle stables of King Augeas which had not been cleaned for thirty years. There were mountains of filth and noxious fumes covered the city – pestilence swept the land and people were ill and dying. Hercules said he could clean the stables in a day, but Augeus (who was very greedy) did not believe him, and said that there would be a price to pay if he failed to fulfil his boast. Hercules broke down a wall surrounding the stables and diverted two rivers through them, and the stables were cleansed within that day.

Interpretation of the legend: The citizens of this ancient city represent all people in the world, who are suffering in many ways because of the greed of those who have power, and who control the resources of the world. The wall of the stables represents the separative spirit which enables this to happen – people who care only about themselves and who are unconcerned by the plight of people affected by their selfish actions. The two rivers represent the waters of love and of wisdom. When humanity has advanced to the stage that these divine qualities are at the foundation of important economic decisions made in the world, then humanity’s problems will rapidly disappear. Obama’s high spiritual goal is to direct these rivers into humanity.

2. Soul purpose via the Sabian symbol for the 19th degree of Aquarius:

“A forest fire subdued, the weary fighters feel jubilant.”  This reveals a deeper aspect of his mission on earth. Firstly he is to work as a team – as part of a group. This accounts for the fact that the 7th house is the most energised in his chart. It is quite possible that others in his administration will be fellow souls from the same ray ashram. Secondly, his task is to put out the fires of war, which the previous administration of policy of aggressive pre-emptive military action, has stirred up; and the fires of separativeness and terrorism which right wing religion has fomented around the world.

3. Soul purpose via Hierarchy Ruler of the Ascendant, Moon unveiling Uranus in the 4th house of humanity

  1. The planet rulers of the zodiac signs change for those upon the Path of Spiritual Development. In this case we have the Moon ruling the highest level of Aquarius, and through it pours the power of Uranus.
  2. The Moon itself represents the form nature generally, and the masses in humanity, and it is located in the Cancerian 4th house which also rules the masses. Obama’s higher mission very definitely is to uplift the common man, the ordinary souls who struggle to survive.
  3. The Moon is in the sign of the Messenger of the Gods – Gemini, and Obama’s primary goal is to carry the inclusive and loving message of Deity / of the Water Bearer [1], to His people, to inspire and give hope to those who suffer under the greed and tyranny of despots and business moguls [2].
  4. The Moon Unveils the power of Uranus. Obama can make a contribution to the greater good (Moon trine Jupiter) by helping man to see the evil of corporate greed, aggressive nationalistic alliances, of racial and religious prejudice, thus helping to shatter evil behaviour in humanity (“I see my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow”). The wisdom of his message, his steady hand at the helm, will help mankind turn towards the light. This will enable the Masters to more closely fuse the Soul of Humanity, thus preparing the way for the Christ (Neptune) Reappearance.
  5. Gemini influenced initiates are custodians of “the light of interplay”, which brings matter and spirit into relationship, and which links all forms back to the originating divine Source. They are truly Messengers of the Gods, and travelling the earth they use their exceptional communication skills and magnetism to unify and fuse cleavages found in humanity – within individuals themselves and between groups and nations, bringing them into right relation with each other and with the One which they serve.

4. Obama’s Personality is in Leo

Initiates have the personality nature under control, and use it as a vessel for higher purpose. This is symbolised in the chart by the Sun (the personality) opposite the Ascendant, which is the place of spiritual power.

Leo accentuates Obama’s leadership ability, and has given him his tremendous charisma and magnetism which he put to excellent use during the presidential campaign. The Sun in Leo represents the presidency, and symbolises the manner in which he works. He is a team player (Aquarius), but he will also have his autocratic idiosyncrasies.

An important goal of his presidency will be an attempt to bring about a healing of relations – the US with the rest of the world, and within the world community itself. It will almost be a spiritual crusade of sorts, and another important part of his mission on earth. This is indicated by the most exalted planet in the chart – the subtle and spiritual Neptune in the 9th house of foreign countries – the world if you will. His attempts will be continually undermined by deceit, by people who are not what they seem to be, and who will fight for their own hidden agendas (Neptune square the Sun). The crusade against the militant Muslim group Al Qaida can also be seen in this symbology.

Neptune is in Scorpio which rules the USA (the eagle), showing that sacrifices will be made by Americans under the Obama administration in order to achieve international goals which are considered to be vital for world peace and safety. The sacrifice of American soldiers (Scorpio is the sign of the warrior) is part of the price (Neptune rules 2nd house) which is to be paid.



Obama brought major change to the world when he was elected president of the USA, changing the perception which people have of the negro race and their abilities for all time. Then, as reward-bringing Jupiter passed upon Obama’s Ascendant, the five-member Norwegian Nobel Committee announced that Obama had won the peace award. They said awarding Obama the peace prize could be seen as an early vote of confidence intended to build global support for the policies of his young administration. They lauded the change in global mood wrought by Obama's calls for peace and cooperation, and praised his pledges to reduce the world stock of nuclear arms, ease U.S. conflicts with Muslim nations and strengthen its role in combating climate change.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, who won the prize in 1984, said the decision showed that great things are expected from Obama and "wonderful recognition" of his effort to reach out to the Arab world after years of hostility. "It is an award that speaks to the promise of President Obama's message of hope," Tutu said.

There is something extraordinary about Obama – he career has been distinguished with a series of “firsts.” Is he also the first initiate president of the USA?




In summary, as previously discussed, the Moon symbolises Obama’s spiritual purpose for this incarnation. The Sabian symbol for the Moon’s degree (4th degree) is “Holly and mistletoe bring Christmas spirit to a home” – Obama’s ashramic service is to be a vivid and magnetic symbol of Christ’s message to all His children in the quarries of the world, emphasising His message that the family of man is one family and all are valued parts of the One Soul. This is particularly true for all the coloured peopled in the world – Dane Rudhyar interprets this symbol as “the wealth and power of racial background.” [3]


[1] Moon trine Jupiter in Aquarius.
[2] Moon square Pluto in Virgo, a sign of materialism.
[3] The Astrology of Personality P280

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  • TorgnyJ Scribbled: October 2009

    I guess that much of Obama's work has to do with bringing in energies from the Age of Aquarius to humanity. USA is according to White Eagle (a master that works closely to DK) destinied to bring in the new Age. If USA chooses the way of the light and not the way of materialism. But what a difficult task for Obama, very few people understand his message of unity and right relations.

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