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Edward M. Kennedy

An Esoteric Astrology Profile


“He wasn’t perfect, but he did so much
good, for so many people.”



By Leoni Hodgson 2009

PMAFA, DMNZAS, PhD Esotericism, MSE Psych, www.brisbanegoodwill.com



 In a family filled with glittering stars, life conspired to bring the “runt of the pack” – Edward Kennedy, to the fore. It removed from the stage the brighter stars – the deaths of Kennedy’s older brothers – Joseph, Robert, and John and allowed the more modest light to be seen. Why should this be? What is so special about Edward Kennedy that he survived? This article is an attempt to go deeper into the life and psyche of this most interesting man.

The Kennedy’s

The Kennedy family descended from the marriage of the Irish-Americans Joseph P, Kennedy Sr,  and Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald, and was prominent in American politics and government. There were nine children, and after the death of the oldest brother Robert, the three remaining brothers – John, Robert and Edward, entered politics. They received intensive publicity, often emphasizing their youth, allure, and education. They were the glamour family of politics, and have been called American royalty.

But with high office, came sacrifice and tragedy. The family has undergone a series of deaths and reverses sometimes called "the Kennedy curse". It has included the John F, Kennedy assassination (1963); the Robert F. Kennedy assassination (1968); four aircraft crashes (Joseph P, Kennedy Jr, Kathleen Kennedy, Edward M. Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy Jr, a fatal skiing accident (Michael Kennedy); a failed prefontal lobotomy on Rosemary Kennedy; and at least three sets of allegations against individual family members and their relatives by marriage, including a murder conviction (Michael Skakel), a controversial fatal single-car crash (Chappaquiddick incident), and a charge of rape (William Kennedy Smith).



From the point of view of Edward’s Soul, and the direction in which it wished to guide this incarnation, Edward’s life seems to be divided into two very different and distinct chapters. In astrological terms: before his second ‘Saturn return’ in 1991, and the period afterwards.

Based upon his life demonstration, it is clear that in the earlier period of his life, Kennedy’s personality was dominant. His chart interpreted exoterically (using the traditional rulers with the Sun at the heart of the chart) shows his difficulties and challenges.


Birth Chart

1. Edward’s personality – the Sun in Pisces.

Edward was born on February 22, 1932 at 3:58 am.

In Pisces the ego is driven by the keywords “go forth into matter”. The selfish fish swims through life, seeking sensuous and material satisfaction – alcohol, easy relationships, fun without responsibility. Flowing without clear direction, impressionable to impacts coming from all sides, it lives in a fantasy world of its own creation. It lacks clear and defined boundaries, the personality is weak, and sees itself as a victim. It is easily overwhelmed and will try to escape from life’s hardships.

(The Sabian symbol for Edward’s Sun at 3 degrees Pisces is – a petrified forest.)

The Sun represents the thread of personality consciousness which has been picked up from the previous life, so these traits have been brought over from the past.

2. Edward probably suffered from low self esteem – Capricorn Ascendent

Having the Sun in Pisces is not helpful when you are born the youngest in a family of stars, and with an autocratic and highly ambitious father.

(Saturn in Capricorn rather than the Sun in Pisces, seems to be the more likely symbol for his father.)

Although Edward would come into his power later in life, a Pisces Sun along with Capricorn rising is not helpful to a sensitive child. It adds an introspective and cautious layer to the persona. With Saturn rising, there is no doubt that parent Joseph dominated Edward’s early life, and probably put fear into the child, who would have had difficulty relating to him.

(Saturn in 1H, unaspected to planets)

Furthermore, although his parents were affectionate toward him, he would have perceived that they compared him unfavorably with his brilliant and charismatic older brothers.

(Venus and Uranus in the 3H of siblings, square Ascendant – the self).

 This affected his self esteem. He later said "The disadvantage of my position is being constantly compared with two brothers of such superior ability."

3. The unconscious lunar pattern imprisoning Edward’s Soul – Moon conjunct Neptune, in Virgo

When the Sun is linked with the Moon as it does in Edward’s case

(Sun opposition Moon, Neptune (conjunct the Moon) is the ruler of Edward’s Pisces Sun).

this can strengthen the power of the negative patterns which reside in the unconscious, so that they emerge into the stream of consciousness and literally keep their owner’s mind, bound to the past.

The Moon is in the 8th house of death (opposite Mercury – siblings), and there is no doubt that the death of Edward’s brothers, and the burden of responsibility which was placed upon his shoulders to step up and “be the man” and equal his brothers in their power and glory, was overwhelming. He sought to escape through alcohol and women. This was easy. He had done it all before (in past lives).

(The Sabian symbol for the Moon and Neptune at 7 degrees Virgo – in a palatial harem bright-eyed women laugh happily.)

His first marriage to Joan Bennett in 1958 was blighted by her alcoholism (Moon rules the 7H of marriage) and his womanising and carousing ways, leading to divorce in 1981.

4. Edward’s karma was Chappaquiddick

Chappaquiddick Chart

The scandal of Chappaquiddick ended any hope he had of one day becoming the US President. On July 18, 1969, Edward was at a Chappaquiddick Island party for a group of young women who had worked on Robert's presidential campaign. He left with one of them, 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne and later accidently drove off a bridge into a tidal channel. Kennedy swam to safety and left the scene. He did not call authorities until after Kopechne's body was discovered the following day. On July 25, Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident and was given a sentence of two months in jail, suspended. This incident dogged him for the rest of his life. His failure to gain the 1980 Democrat presidential nominee is directly attributed to Chappaquiddick. He withdrew his nomination on Aug 12 1980.

Edward had the astrological signs that he could have been president.

(Sun trine MC bringing glory; loved by the public – Moon/Neptune sextile MC)

But Saturn – Lord of Karma was prominent in his chart, and Edward’s reputation was destroyed.

(Natal Saturn square MC. Transit Saturn was conjunct the IC at Chappaquiddick, opposite the MC point of status. Solar arc Saturn – karma, was opposite the Moon/ Neptune conjunction).

Karma brought to Edward the consequences of his dissolute and in this case, his illegal behaviour. He was lucky to escape a harsher penalty.  His carousing behaviour continued through the 70’s and 80’s, and by then his reputation was truly in tatters. But worse was to come.

In March1991 Kennedy took his son and nephew (William Smith) out drinking on the night a Florida woman accused Smith of raping her. Although eventually acquitted, Kennedy was seen to be a bad influence on his nephew. The Seattle Times (October 20, 1991) wrote the following: “Kennedy "has been so damaged in terms of credibility that he's not in a position to offer effective leadership on any cause,".. "People don't want to listen to him; they don't look up to him; they don't treat him with respect." Edward was written off as his famous family's wastrel.

Edward didn’t mend his ways when his brothers died. He continued down a destructive Path after Chappaquiddick. The Soul had another opportunity to turn him around at his second Saturn Return – when transit Saturn returns to its natal position. This would most likely provide the final opportunity for rehabilitation in this life, since the Soul assesses whether to continue working in the incarnation around age 63, and if it  decides no further growth is likely, it begins to withdraw.[2]  Edward’s Saturn return occurred in 1991.


2nd Return Chart

The esoteric chart is centred around the Ascendant, the “purpose of the Soul” point in the chart replacing the Sun – the personality, as the centre of the chart)

1. Capricorn prominent in the chart

When this occurs in the chart of an advanced person, the Soul means business, because this is the sign of initiation (spiritual growth) and the goal is to force an advancement of consciousness by filling the life with adversity such as – a loss of status or finance, or serious moral and ethical issues. In the ensuing period of introspection and analysis which follows, opportunity is then offered by the Soul to make right-choice and to act with integrity and for the higher good. Right choice brings success and initiation. Wrong choice leads to a further round of trouble and crystallisation.

2. Saturn is the esoteric ruler of the chart

The esoteric ruler is the primary agent of the Soul. It is the main indicator of Soul purpose, and an entry point for Soul energy and influence. It is in the first house of personal interests, demanding accountability and responsibility, which meant trouble for Edward and his liking for women, song, and rapid and uncomplicated sexual liaisons.

(Ascendant square Venus and Uranus)

Edward’s Soul demanded change, and the esoteric chart brought an opportunity. There is an inconjunct aspect to the Earth (field of experience), which is conjunct the trouble-spot of Moon / Neptune in the eighth house of sex. This brought these patterns into the range of Soul so that it could go on the attack and cut them out. Or at least bring them into right balance with the rest of Edward’s life. (Moderation in all things is the key).

3. The esoteric chart brings Pluto into prominence

In traditional astrology, Neptune and Jupiter rule Pisces, the sign in which Edward’s personality is focused. But Pluto assumes rulership as Soul influence grows, and from that time onwards, the personality is in trouble. Pluto is “the destroyer”, the “Arrow of Death” which the Soul fires when consciousness is ready for the deep and intense cleansing which Pluto brings. Its task is to “cut the ties that bind”, freeing the Soul from the yolk of the personality. It destroys the lower, so that the higher can live, and this was part of the Soul’s plan.

(Pluto Cancer 7H, semi-square Moon/ Neptune, square Venus/ Uranus.)

These patterns needed to be cut away by Edward, and emotional and sexual fidelity demonstrated in his relationships and life.

(Pluto ruler of sexual region, conjunct Juno in the seventh house of marriage)

If Edward did not do this work willingly, it would only be a matter of time before Pluto began its destructive work, and forced the change.

4. The opportunity came in 1991 at Edward’s second Saturn Return

Edward didn’t mend his ways when his brothers died. He continued down a destructive Path after Chappaquiddick. The Soul had a last opportunity to turn him around – at his second Saturn Return. This occurred in 1991. It is not surprising that the final straw which turned things around for Edward involved sex and drink. When his nephew was charged with rape, Edward was viewed by the public as a dissolute wastrel who had a contaminating influence on the male relatives of his family. The court of public opinion determined that it was his fault! His karmic chickens came home to roost again.

This must have been devastating for him. He was older and wiser than he was when Chappaquiddick occurred some thirty years before. One starts thinking about the legacy one will leave behind at the second Saturn Return. Remember that Saturn is the primary agent of the Soul, and it is likely that during this period Edward’s Soul lifted his consciousness, and showed him a clear picture of his life, and the sum of it all. It was the shock needed to galvanise him into a new direction.

Progressed Sun

 (His personality consciousness – progressed Sun was now in the second degree of Taurus, the sign in which lust is tackled and transmuted into aspiration for the higher good. The Sabian symbol is: an electrical storm brilliantly illumines the skies. The soul keywords for Taurus are I see and when the eye is open, all is light.)Taurus on the higher level is all about light, and seeing life clearly.


The softening up process on his consciousness began in 1990 when a series of eclipses bombarded Saturn and the first and seventh houses. There were eight close “hits” upon these points, preparing the way and rendering consciousness more sensitive, so that the needed changes in perception and activity could be made.

Pluto, Lord of Death

It was in a position of power in the 10th house, pouring its fire into its natal position

(transit Pluto trine natal Pluto – semisquare Moon/ Neptune, square Venus/ Uranus),

and through Edward’s astral field and solar plexus chakra (Neptune), and through the sacral chakra (Uranus), burning away psychic impurities, so that the Soul could draw up the energies from the lower centres into higher – perhaps to the throat and heart chakras. This could only have occurred if Edward’s was of a mind to make the shift, and from subsequent results it is clear that he did.


His soul poured solar fire through his consciousness, and he was inspired towards the higher and finer.

(Neptune, planet of spiritual aspiration was conjunct the MC by solar arc. The progressed Moon unveiling the forces of Neptune most likely, was also conjunct the MC.)

He definitely wanted to make a positive contribution to society, to make life better for the people.

“Through the years of difficult negotiations and having to face personal and family tragedy, he never stopped representing the people, and never lost sight of their welfare.” [3]

He became engrossed with health care so that at the end of it all he said: “Health Care has been the Passion of My Life" [4]


The ‘coup de grace’ was Uranus, the planet of initiation, and ruler of Edward’s 9th house of the Path, the higher way. It throws bolts of electric fire which shatters crystallisation and which awakens consciousness so that it can move forwards, into “the new.” It was transiting over the Ascendant, the Soul purpose point, and this must have been the final key which opened the floodgates in Edward’s consciousness.

       With all this going on, the Soul’s illuminating light would have been able to permeate Edward’s consciousness, and he blossomed into his spiritual maturity, his true spiritual colours were displayed.

(Sabian symbol for Edward’s Ascendant: “pheasants display their brilliant colours on a vast lawn.”)

It is possible that around this time he took the 1st Initiation
– demonstrated control of the physical and sexual appetites.

5. The positive effects of the Soul’s presence

This can be seen in Edward’s political work in the remaining years of his life. It was a total and somewhat startling turn-around, but at the end of it all, this is an example of what people thought.

 “Senator Edward M. Kennedy was an example of what you can do when you determine to rise above your failings as a human being and focus on what you can do for others.  More important, he was an inspiration to all who struggle with the temptation to keep their light under a bushel because they are not perfect. He was an inspiration to persevere. He stumbled plenty of times, he had personal faults, he caused others great pain, but he recognized this, he was pained by this, and each time he picked himself up and worked harder to make himself better.  [5]

Called “The Lion of the Senate”, Kennedy brought about positive change in the areas of health care, civil rights, voting rights, education. He was always a worthy opponent when fighting for what he believed in. And his spirit, time and time again, championed over his character defects; allowing him to continue to contribute to the improvement of society. He was the third longest-serving member of the United States Senate in American history. The scholar Thomas Mann said his time in the Senate was “an amazing and endurable presence.”

Edward married Victoria Reggie Kennedy in 1992, and all indications are that it was a happy and successful union. This is evidence of the change of focus and energy, in Edward. He was now functioning from a higher level. Monogamy and higher creative output is evidence that focus has shifted from the sexual region in the body, to the higher centres.

Kennedy endorsed Obama for US President, and in a way it was an anointing from the Kennedy dynasty. Commentators say that Kennedy made it very clear that he was handing over the mantle that he had been carrying ever since his brother handed it to him.

On May 20 2008, doctors announced that Kennedy had a cancerous brain tumour. He died on August 25, 2009 when the Sun was in Virgo – at two degrees of Virgo – the reverse of the Sun’s position in the current incarnation. This is where the Soul will pick up the personality thread in the next incarnation. [6] Virgo is the sign of purification, so it is obvious the Soul wishes to continue with the work which was started in the latter years of Edward’s life.

Finally, I return to the question I pondered at the introduction. 

What is so special about Edward Kennedy, that he was the sole son to survive an early demise, and die a natural death? There is something very fated about this family, which has suffered greatly. There is a theme of materiality which runs through the charts of the three brothers, no doubt inherited from their father Joseph, and this may provide a clue.

(JFK and Edward had their Moon’s in Virgo “let matter reign”, and Robert had his Moon in Capricorn “let ambition rule.” Joseph had both his Sun and Moon in Virgo. These are two very materialistic signs. Perhaps it has something to do with this.)

As we advance along the Path, our attachment to the material world must be released, and we are required to act with honesty and integrity. The transforming planets of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, will force us onto the right path.

On studying the charts, all three sons had Saturn, Lord of Karma (and of Retribution in some cases), very strong in their charts. They would achieve positions of power and glory if this is what they wanted – and they did, but they would have to work honestly to achieve this. Otherwise they would suffer serious consequences.

(JFK: Saturn (power) and Neptune (spiritual principles) in 10H (fame and fortune), challenged by the Ascendant (the Soul). Esoteric ruler of Libran Ascendant – Uranus (the Soul in action), inconjunct Saturn and square Mars (sudden and bloody outcomes.)

There are rumours that Joseph brought the presidency for his son, by making deals with powerful underworld figures, deals which were not kept, thus inviting retaliation. This is speculation but there is evidence in the charts that something along these lines could have been behind the assassinations. Robert was especially fated. High office would definitely hold dangers for him, and especially if he opposed the underworld.

(Moon/ Jupiter 10H, opposite Pluto (underworld), square Mars (assassination).

Edward had similar patterns in his chart.

(Saturn square Scorpio MC. Co-ruler of the MC – Mars, opposite Moon Neptune in the 8H of death.)

Perhaps the answer to my question “why Edward?” is simply that, he was saved from an early death because of his human weaknesses. He was after all, just a human being like you and me, with strengths and weaknesses. God is compassionate, and forgives, and in the period that Edward was “in the wilderness” he was given the opportunity to turn his life around. Finally he did.

With the dominant male figures of his family gone, and being written off as a “no-hoper”, he had nothing to lose and nothing to prove. This gave him the freedom to grow into his true nature, in  his own time, to walk a path of his own choosing, and he did not have to twist himself about in order to fit in with the ambitious schemes of his father – or bear the curse of promises not kept.

He became his own man. He rose to prominence based on his own hard work and ethical behaviour, and gained the respect of the people, as a consequence. At the end of it all he was seen as a shining light, one who had made a huge contribution to the greater good, and was widely loved and respected. As a Pisces Sun person, with Capricorn rising, this is what he wanted all along… and if he never got the respect he craved from his earthly father, we can suppose that he received it from his spiritual Father.


An Obituary from Amnesty International

WASHINGTON – August 26 2009 – Larry Cox, Amnesty International USA's executive director, issued the following statement on the sad passing of U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy:

"Amnesty International is saddened by the death of Senator Ted Kennedy. The world has lost an active supporter of human rights around the globe, especially in the United States. He worked tirelessly on behalf of people whose voices were never heard, whose plights were hidden from view and whose well-being was ignored. In that regard he consistently championed the cases of individual prisoners of conscience, who benefitted from his relentless determination to ensuring their freedom.

"The senator played a main role in passage of historic human rights legislation including the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1991, which expanded employee rights in discrimination cases.

"From advancing reforms on immigrant detention, to championing healthcare as a right for all Americans, to pushing for torture victims' relief, to pressing for humanitarian aid for refugees around the world including the most recent conflict in Sri Lanka, to defending the rule of law, Senator Kennedy always knew and acted to end the misery of those who were suffering.

"His absence will be hard to miss. But the Kennedy family legacy of helping the disempowered remains vital and vibrant."


[1] Member of the public watching the hearse carry his coffin away. Feb 27 2009
[2] Esoteric Psychology II, Alice Bailey p53
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