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Spiritual Insight of a
Talented Young Soul of the New Millennium



"You have the voice of an angel."
Andrea Bocelli





Hayley is another young Soul who is bringing in this new millennium on a stream of love and joy as a result of her amazing talent – the beauty of her voice. Hayley  says “"The singing fills my whole body and my soul.. I'm lucky enough to give pleasure to other people." 

Listen to Hayley sing Pokarekare Ana,
a Maori love song. The video has shots of beautiful New Zealand.



Hayley Dee Westenra was born on 10 April 1987 in Christchurch, New Zealand, of Dutch and Irish heritage.

She is only 22 years old (2009), but has already achieved international recognition and fame because of her very beautiful soprano voice.

Her first internationally released album, Pure, was the fastest-selling international début classical album to date, and Westenra became an international star, aged 16, when it was released. It reached No 1 on the UK classical charts in 2003 and has sold more than two million copies worldwide.

In 2004, she began her world tour of New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and the UK, performing in a concert in November for Her Majesty The Queen, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Prince Charles, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and President George W. Bush.

At the Sydney Opera House she received a rare standing ovation.

Westenra has received numerous awards for her contributions to music, both in New Zealand and elsewhere.

In November 2008 she was named "classical performer of the year" at the Variety Club's annual awards in London.


Hayley's extraordinary "pure" voice has attracted the attention of many established artists from the worlds of pop and classical alike. The New Zealand opera diva Dame Malvina Major, who has now become Hayley's tutor and mentor, says, "Her voice is absolutely musically true. A lot of young singers have beautiful voices but they have to be guided into that sort of clarity. She has it naturally. It's simply music of rare quality".

This pure quality comes through in her rendition of
“Are you going to Scarborough Fair.”
She was 19 when the recording was made.


Hayley was born into a musical family, and her talent was spotted at a very early age. When she was six, she was cast in the lead singing role of "Little Star" in the Christmas play at her school, Cobham Intermediate. After the show, a teacher who had watched the performance approached her parents to tell them that their daughter was "pitch perfect". The teacher encouraged Westenra to learn how to play a musical instrument to improve her abilities, and she duly learned to read music and play the violin, piano, and recorder. She began voice lessons and discovered a passion for musical theatre.

What stands out about Hayley and her journey towards international recognition, is the number of people who have stepped forward to encourage her and support her. Surely due to her talent, but also due to good karma.

·         When she was 12 and busking on a Christchurch street, a woman journalist with Canterbury Television happened to hear her, and asked Westenra to appear on air.

·         A concert promotion company, under the direction of Gray Bartlett, saw the show and became interested in working with Westenra.

·         Shortly after she was offered a recording deal with Universal New Zealand before she met representatives of the company.

·         Following the success of her albums, she was offered and later received lessons from Dame Malvina Major, Grande Dame of "Voice" in NZ.

·         Decca's UK president was also impressed with her voice when they signed her to the label, saying that she was "captivated by the beauty and expressiveness of her voice."


Westenra-BocelliOne of Hayley’s idols is the great tenor Andrea Bocelli. His was the first album Hayley ever bought, and she was nervous when they first met three years ago at the Classical Brit Awards in London. He said that he had listened to her singing and told her, "You have the voice of an angel." Later, she was invited to sing with him. "It is such an honour any time I do sing with him," she says. "He is a very warm person. And he did give me one word of advice: To live my life tranquilly. Hard to do at the moment, but I do try."  CBS News, Hayley Online Time: Thursday July 16th, 2009 07:41 PM

Listen to the Hayley – Andrea duet
“Vivo Per Lei”.

The duet was performed in 2005 in Ontario at a “Gotta Skate” gala. Andrea is such a beautiful Soul and the combination of a powerful and mature male voice with the relatively innocent and pure Hayley is a delight to listen to.


What distinguishes advanced souls from the rest, in the new rising crop of young talent, is their natural inclination to serve humanity and the higher good. Service is the natural spontaneous flow of Soul force. The following quote is from Alice A. Bailey’s ‘Discipleship in the New Age’ volume II, p128.

“When the personal lower self is subordinated to the higher rhythms and obedient to the Law of Service, then the life of the soul will begin to flow through .. to others, and the effect in (the) immediate family and group will be to demonstrate a real understanding and a true helpfulness.  As the flow of life becomes stronger through use, the effect will spread out from the small surrounding family group to the neighbourhood.. until eventually (if several lives have been thus spent under the influence of the Law of Service) the effect of the outpouring life may become nationwide and worldwide. But it will not be planned, nor will it be fought for, as an end in itself.  It will be a natural expression of the soul's life.”

Hayley is the youngest UNICEF Ambassador to date. She has raised funds to purchase bicycles for young girls, allowing them to get to their schools from outlying surrounding areas, and to install playgrounds for children, with rides which harness "kid power" to drive pumps used for providing clean drinking water from wells in that country. In recognition of Westenra's charitable activities, in 2006 the Junior Chamber International designated her as one of the ten most influential young women in the world. She was the first New Zealander so honoured. She has also been the ambassador for Save the Children in Hong Kong, she took part in a breast cancer awareness campaign in New Zealand, helps the Women's Environmental Network, the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy which helps for children who are disabled

In August 2006, Westenra joined the Irish group Celtic Woman and was featured on their Celtic Woman: A New Journey CD and DVD. All the singers in the group are accomplished singers and

in this video Haley sings with the group –
“Somewhere over the Rainbow.”

There is no accompanying music – just the pure voices of the singers.


In her astrological chart, Hayley has Venus – expresser of beauty, in the universal sign of Pisces. As an artist she will be universally loved for the beauty which she portrays through her voice, and also through her personality as a whole. Venus is ruler of Taurus, which exoterically rules the throat chakra, and Taurus people are often exceedingly gifted with wonderful voices. Hayley has been so blessed. It will be a pleasure to follow Hayley’s progress as her voice matures and deepens as a result of life and the experiences it brings. She was born in Aries, she is a leader, she is in touch with her Soul, she cares about people – Hayley is a Lightbearer for the New Age.

The final video has a young Hayley singing ‘Pie Jesu’.

Bocelli was right. Hayley Westenra has the voice of an angel.

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