Goodwill People




Outstanding examples of Goodwill
The Buddha was the great Teacher for the Orient,
and Christ the Saviour of the Occident. They each embodied
certain cosmic principles – Wisdom and Love, and through their work,
helped these principles manifest in the human race.


Quan Yin, Boddhisattva of Compassion
The Buddha.. stimulated intelligence into wisdom.

When He achieved illumination, he "brought in the lightprince-s-small of Higher Divine Mind" to focus upon the human condition and problem, and formulated his understanding into the Four Noble Truths.

  1. That existence in the phenomenal universe is inseparable from suffering and from sorrow.
  2. That the cause of suffering is desire for existence in the world of phenomena.
  3. That cessation of suffering is brought about by eradicating all desire for existence in this universe of phenomena.
  4. That the way to the cessation of suffering is by treading the noble Eightfold Path, wherein are expressed right belief, right intentions, right speech, right actions, right living, right endeavour, right-mindedness and right concentration.

The Buddha provided a structure of truth and of doctrine which has enabled many thousands, down the centuries, to see the Light.


  Love came to the world through Christ.

Through the message of Christ three general concepts emerged into the racial consciousness:

1.     Firstly, Christ taught that the individual is of value, and emphasised the jesus-smallwork of the individual, saying, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works.”

2.     Then he showed through his life demonstration, the progress which all men and woman can make upon the Path of Initiation, which is progressive spiritual development as a result of carefully practised spiritual disciplines. Transfiguration upon the mountain top is the Christ equivalent of Buddha receiving enlightenment under the bodhi tree.

3.     But Christ’s greatest teaching concerned LOVE – “to love our neighbour as ourselves.”

Humanity is following in the footsteps of the Masters. Some are tardy and are still wrapped in personal selfishness, but some are advanced, and are beginning to demonstrate Divine Light and Love, and are having an impact for good on earth.


 This file is intended to be a compilation of people
who have made outstanding contributions to world goodwill
and the cause of right human relations.



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