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The Personal Journey of a Modern Day Disciple

 A wonderful benefit which comes to those who walk the Path of Spiritual Development and who participate in group service, is that “old age” and “retirement” is actually a release into a fuller and richer life – that of a server of humanity. When consciousness is aligned with the sublime, and the heart is open and aspires to assist younger souls, then human life is fulfilling and very rewarding spiritually. This is the case in the profile this month, on co-worker Dr. Terrence Chivers. Terrence began thinking about spiritual matters at a very early age, and this seems to be the norm for those who have found the Spiritual Path in a previous incarnation.
TC: I began to think about spiritual matters at about 12 years old though I was even younger when I rejected the story about Jesus Christ came down to earth to save us all. Jesus was the son of God, etc. It was soon after this that I began to find out about Theosophy, largely through my brother, who had found some literature. We then joined the Theosophical Society (TS). In due course, we set up a youth group of the TS. I joined the Arcane School * as a teenager along with the other members of the Theosophical group I was then living with.

* BG: In 1923, Alice A. Bailey founded the Arcane School, which gave (and still gives) a series of correspondence courses based on the Ageless Wisdom which accepts the notion of karma, reincarnation, masters, a divine plan, and humanity's achievement of their original divine status.

TC: Soon after Mrs. Bailey’s death (1950), the group leader went abroad and the group gradually split up. I never took a conscious decision to leave the school but did not maintain the submissions. I was in my early 20s by this time. I needed to work out my own future. I did not return to the School until 1991 when I retired from employment.BG: In which group of world servers do you think you belong Terrence, and why? In what way are you currently serving humanity?

TC: For some years I have been a secretary and commentator for the Arcane School, I am also a mentor and tutor for the Morya Federation (an online esoteric school). I write weekly commentaries on A Treatise on Cosmic Fire for a group of 14 colleagues. We are systematically going through the text and are about three quarters of the way through now. I also write short pieces for a Maltese colleague who edits a newspaper which he runs himself. I try to write it as a soul offering, i.e. in that style. In this connection, I have just completed a third topic – on brotherhood. I joined the Morya Federation when Michael Robbins decided to link up with other moves abroad to try to bring together work relevant to the Future Schools (Letters on Occult Meditation). I agree with the idea of seeking to deepen our studies. I also take part in the national meditation work of the Group on Telepathic Impression. This provides a daily meditation which I carry out along with meditations from the Arcane School.          
         Up to last year, I did a great deal of work for the University of the Third Age (U3A). I convened groups on sociology and most of all on life story writing. This helped many people to write their life story and assess their lives. I stay in touch with these groups and offer encouragement but no longer have the time to offer regular classes. Travel for me is now very limited due to health reasons.

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BG: You live a spiritually rich and fulfilling life Terry. One of the great benefits of this is that, while the physical nature is beginning to decline, the heart and spiritual life steadily increases in its vibrancy and vitality. Thinking of matters today, what do you think is the most important matter to address on earth, the greatest problem man currently faces, and what should people do to address this matter?

TC: MATERIALISM. People feel the need for ideas and ideals above the material world yet lack any clear determination of what the nature of this might be. We should help people to see that religion does not have to be the silly set of beliefs often presented. It can be a source of interest, explanation and inspiration. The entire situation will change if and when the soul becomes accepted – at least as a possibility.

BG: There is certainly evidence in the world that this inner “need” is having a potent effect upon humanity. The movement of Western people towards Eastern Religion and philosophy based upon the Ageless Wisdom – the collective teachings of all sages such as Jesus Christ and Buddha, has been quite phenomenal over the last few decades. Author and esotericist Alice Bailey wrote in her book Externalisation of the Hierarchy, about the “Reappearance of the Christ” on Earth. She explained that Christ had never left humanity, but continues to work upon the inner planes guiding and shepherding his flock. The ‘reappearance’ is actually the predicted appearance within the collective consciousness of humanity, of the Christ qualities of love, wisdom and compassion. What advice would you give Terrence, so that people can assist this process?

TC: My view is that the Master Djwhal Khul (who is said to be the real author of most of the Alice Bailey books) is talking about a Reappearance which would enable the Christ to be overshadowed by a cosmic avatar. This would enormously enhance His power and effect on earth, and would lead to the rapid evolution of consciousness of humanity. This would then see “peace and goodwill” truly manifest upon earth. To help, we should give of our best in our work. Our aim should be to carry out the most helpful form of discipleship that we can manage.


Brisbane Goodwill thanks Terrence for taking the time to share his thoughts, and provide an example of the richness of life as it can be in one’s senior years, when the inner life has assumed greater importance than that of the external material world.

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