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Member of the New Group Of World Servers.
The Personal Journey of a Modern Day Disciple


“I remember wanting so much to experience God Realization.”

1. What age were you when you started thinking of spiritual or esoteric matters? 

I was 26 years old when I first started yoga classes. Within no time there was a recapitulation of knowledge and familiarity in what I was doing in the classes.

2. When did you consciously step onto the Path, and what were the circumstances? 

Through the yoga classes I got introduced to Eastern philosophy. I read a lot of books from the East where I was exposed to the Bhagavad Gita, the aphorisms of Patanjali, and other yogic practices. I remember wanting so much to experience God Realization. That led me to become certified as a yoga instructor and I offered the Eastern Teachings simultaneously. Much later, in 1989 I was introduced to Michael Robbins via a seven ray workshop. That changed my life. The blue books spoke to me in a way that nothing else ever did. While attending the first weekend of the Esoteric Psychology program I went directly to Lucis Trust and bought all 24 books. At first I might as well have been reading Chinese because for the first 50 pages I didn’t have clue what DK was saying. After that, slowly more was beginning to make sense. Within a couple of years I had read all the books and I continually re-read them. I, like many others, feel that DK is speaking directly to me.

3. In which group of world servers do you think you belong? why? In what way are you currently serving humanity? what drew you to serve on Morya Federation? 

If considering the seed groups I would fall into the fourth group of Educators – education in the new age. My greatest joy is to illumine others and touch them in a way that they can “get it”. I constantly seek to make the Teachings practical and applicable in the life so that it can be used and not just put on a shelf. Besides “doing” via teaching, I truly think and believe that service is a form of “being”. So as long as I can be fully conscious in my daily activities I am serving.

The Morya Federation seemed like the next step ahead for me. I was a co-founder of a Centre in Toronto (Centre for Esoteric Studies) that taught and enabled other to live consciously via the Teachings since 1991. I taught extensively both in the US and in Canada. When I resigned in 2006 I had been working on putting Esoteric Psychology on line and that never materialized. When I heard that Michael was looking for good material for teaching at the Morya Federation I made myself available and offered whatever I could. That ultimately led to being on faculty.

4. What would you say is your most important work so far? 

In a nut shell – simplifying the Teachings and offering them in a way that can be easily grasped.

5. What is your spiritual goal for the future?

To live as consciously as I can and serve humanity in whatever capacity I can.

6. What do you think is the most important matter to address on earth, the greatest problem man currently faces?

The greatest problem facing humanity is ignorance – ignorance of the Real. Most of humanity must learn to use their minds with greater clarity and not be so jumbled up with kama-manas so that their emotions rule them.

And what should people do to address this matter?

This is a tough one!! The first approach is through Education, irrespective of what kind. Then as more people use their minds it can lead to questioning, to curiosity, to greater knowledge.

7. How would you define the so-called Reappearance of the Christ? What advice would you give so that people can assist this process?

There are a couple of ways to consider this. One is that the Christ represents the love aspect, the Christ consciousness. So its reappearance can be the reappearance of “love” on earth. The Christ can also represent the next Avatar and could therefore be the reappearance of the next Avatar that will embody the Christ principle. In either case we are speaking of love, consciousness and brotherhood. I would make sure that people aren’t turned off by the use of the word Christ as many people presently are. I would define it to represent what I’ve spoken about above. I would help people understand that the more they live in consciousness the more they will be ready to recognize when the Christ will actually be here; that they, collectively create a tipping point of Christ energy that is invocative and will evoke the Christ.

8. What are you are doing now?

Presently I am on faculty with the Morya Federation. I give workshops, lectures and am a guest speaker when circumstances allow for that in Toronto. I presently do not have a Centre or a location per se where I teach so I am available and will travel. “Have info, will travel”.

My forte is esoteric psychology – the seven rays, chakras, how to live consciously, esoteric psychology, devas or angels, kingdoms.


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The easiest way to reach me is via my email eva7@rogers.com


Telephone: 416 443-0701

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  • Robert Spaulding
    July 2nd, 2009 at 2:34 pm · Edit
    Dear Eva,

    As a student in the Morya Federation School, I deeply appreciate your instructions and the quality of your service rendered. It shows me that because of your years of experience, your students have a true light to guide them in their search for that which is real and everlasting. Thank you so much.
    July 2nd, 2009 at 10:26 am · Edit
    Nice interview. Do you know about this edition of the Gita?


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