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The Personal Journey of a Modern Day Disciple

"I used to meditate by sitting quietly in the park and
allowing the mind to empty from about 10 years old but I did not realise
that the stillness and love experienced at these times was
something to do with the touch of the soul."





Judy has been a bright light in the esoteric field both in Australia and internationally for many years. She has over 30 years experience in using a blend of minerals, herbs, homeopathy, and uses Bowen therapy and energy healing. She has travelled extensively to teach Esoteric Healing and has had considerable influence in establishing this new healing science in Australasia and elsewhere. Judy is also the author of several books – visit this link for more information.


BG: People who are on the Path begin their journey at all different ages, and often after a crisis of some sort. What age were you Judy when you started thinking of spiritual or esoteric matters?

Judy: I was quite young – about ten years old when rejecting the Christian Theology from the pulpit of an Anglican church on the occasion of a sermon about missionaries and how lucky if the ‘natives’ managed to be contacted by a missionary so that they could be saved! This concept seemed quite illogical given that there would not be enough missionaries to contact all tribes. That those not contacted might go to hell seemed preposterous even to my young age. I also used to meditate by sitting quietly in the park opposite our home and allowing the mind to empty from about 10 years old but I did not realise that the stillness and love experienced at these times was something to do with the touch of the soul. I would go home feeling totally refreshed. 

BG: What were the circumstances that caused you to consciously step onto the Path?

Judy: At age 19 when there was a definite urge to work in the helping professions and nursing was chosen as this field. This was a defined turning point and occurred when sitting quietly in a meditative state during a working holiday at Mt. Hotham. Appropriately for a Pisces ascendant, I had just finished reading the Nun’s Story – a popular book at the time. However, the medical model was deeply disappointing but relating to the patients was rewarding. During nursing training I visited the Theosophical bookshop at the age of 21 and to use a colloquial phrase the books ‘blew my mind apart.’ Following seven years of reading and regular meditation, I started studying the Bailey books. After experiencing the Esoteric section of the Theosophical Society, Co-masonry and the Liberal Catholic church, at age 35, I joined the Arcane school which was initiated by Alice Bailey and I have enjoyed this work ever since. 

BG: The Tibetan Mater mentions serveral world server groups. In which group of world servers do you think you belong? Why? In what way are you currently serving humanity?

Judy: Having worked in the area of health since the age of 16 and still working in this area as a natural therapist and healer, I would have to say if we are talking about the seed groups, it would be the group of magnetic healers. Both teaching and healing has always featured strongly and this includes the continuing commentating work in the Arcane school.

BG: What would you say is your most important work so far?

Judy: Probably seeding the thought atmosphere by lecturing and writing in the area of health and healing with a big emphasis on the energy body and the fields which sub-stand or underlie our physical bodies. This work includes spreading ideas and information on the following topics:

  • Bridging between medical research on energy fields and our experience of health and disease.
  • Demonstrating the need for a synthesis of therapies to cover the inner and outer factors causing disease.  
  • Teaching people to identify, measure and evaluate their energy field
  • Teaching the skills to help people take responsibility for their own treatment
  • Teaching meditation so that a person my align with their own soul and inner healing energies

BG: These are troubling times. What is your spiritual goal for the future?

Judy: To forge an ever closer alignment with the soul and higher levels of being so that teaching and writing is further enhanced.

BG: What do you think is the most important matter to address on earth, the greatest problem man currently faces? And what should people do to address this matter?

Judy: The greatest problem still appears to be greed and desire for pleasure in many ways rather than searching for a meaning to life. We could say that the current international monetary crisis provides an opportunity for the sacral energies of humanity on mass, to be raised to the throat centre via the heart. Related to and coming from this karma/manasic process is climate change which is basically caused by industrial processes and technology again, related to corporate and individual greed. 

BG. How would you define the so-called Reappearance of the Christ? What advice would you give so that people can assist this process?

Judy: The incarnation on earth of unconditional love embodied in the being known as the Christ. It needs to be explained that this is a world office or position and not the prerogative of the Christian religion or of only one spiritual being throughout history. 


Judy offers naturopathic consultations three days per week at her Melbourne clinic and these consultations include iridology, esoteric healing, and when appropriate meditation teaching. Bowen therapy is also used at times. The synthesis of remedies prescribed may include vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, and Bach flower essences.

Courses run by Judy include Esoteric Healing which is a four-part course over 18 months to give in-depth training in the energy field. This work is based on the teachings of Djwhal Khul via Alice Bailey. Also included is work on the etheric body Judy learned from Frances Nixon and study of relevant medical literature relating to the human energy field.  After each part which is taught over four days, the student is able to undertake progressive healing techniques on themselves, clients, friends and animals.  Subjects apart from work on the energy field include the seven human temperaments, and an introduction to esoteric astrology.

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The clinic number is (03) 98764770.

Email address if jmj8381@bigpond.com

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  • Rebeca Peredo

    Judy: Good morning. Yesterday I wrote to the School asking Dorita if she could send me the address of the Esoteric Healing, because I have a friend who has a serious problem in her left eye, she belongs to our group in Mexico , I belong to the NGWS I, am a psychologist, but she told that the person died, and this morning she sent me yours. I know you because I have read you articles in the Beacon, I love them. My friend has seen different doctor here in Mexico, they have told her that she needs to be radiated or operated but they are not sure if she will be ok. She doesn’t speak English, and she is depressed . The question is do you work at distance or the person has to be present? In the 60s I was with the group of Silva Mind Control, he was from here in Texas, I live in the Mexican side this is a border town. Would you please answer this email. The mail is rebecaperedo@hot mail.com
    Thanks Judy

  • kamisha langsdale

    I am living in the Chicago area, and am interested in contacting a naturopathic practitioner who also practices modalities of healing that you, judy Jacka, also practice. Is there anyone in the Chicago area who does this type of healing that you could recommend. Do you still give workshops in the US?
    Thanks for listening,
    Kamisha Langsdale

  • Nice blog and some interesting information, I found it really by mistake looking for something else. Have bookmarked it and will be back soon.

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