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Art: NIGHT RIDER, Kurt Abraham

Autobiographical Vignette.

The scene is such: Twenty-four years old, South of France (Arles to be exact), writing a novel.  I managed to survive (just barely) what I call the terrible twenty-twos. Having saved a little money from working a year at a minimum wage job, I had a precious block of time during which I could do something like fulfilling a dream. If one has been immersed in what could be called a study of literature, and if one was not only been helped but has been downright inspired by such immersion in the beautiful writing, is it not logical to want to pursue the art so that one might also someday stand among those who are serving and helping others?  Not exactly.  Arles is something of a small tourist town in the Midi put on the map by the incomparable paintings of Van Gogh.  I was there in the off season—autumn and winter—a time of inwardness, of withdrawal, of reflection. My hours were my own.  I would get up at eleven, have an inexpensive three course French meal at a place where the locals would go at noon, have an espresso at a French café at one, begin writing at two and write till about one or two in the morning. Being in this rhythm for three of four months, something occurred in the dark hours in the middle of one of those nights.  [Art by Kurt Abraham].

poem-Kurt-Abraham-xxCall it an overshadowing. Call it a Presence.
There was a stillness and an elevation.
The overshadowing-elevation brought an attentiveness,
an awareness, an expectancy. 

The word came:WORDS ARE SACRED.

After a pause, these solemn words were followed by one word:


One could call it a mystical experience or a spiritual experience.  These words were and are guiding words—words to live by. As guiding words, they give one direction and alter the course of one’s life.  Since it is never easy to alter the course of one’s life, the words at first appear to be a bit of a puzzle.  The solemnity and elevation in the way that they came, however, helped me to ponder on their significance again and yet again. Thinking back on it, it seems to me that the words were of the utmost politeness.  I mean, if a friend had stopped by and said to me, “Why are you wasting your time writing a stupid novel. Get on with it, mate. Find something worthwhile in life.”  I suppose those words would have come close to meaning the same thing. Close, but not exactly.

It seems to me that everyone has a gift.  Everything comes down to how one uses one’s gift. The first tendency is to use it for selfish purposes. This is far subtler than people realize, for it takes a while and sometimes a very long while for people to recognize the very subtle glamours and illusions involved.  Eventually the realization is that a gift is a sacred responsibility. What is Christ’s statement: “Freely ye have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8) 

The greatest joy is to develop and refine the gift and then “freely give.”  

I didn’t take the novel and throw it away right away.  When I left Arles and went to Berlin, the novel was, shall we say, at the bottom of the suitcase. It took me a couple of years to find the thread to Yoga. The spiritual connection was made when I got into the Arcane School and found a rhythm of spiritual study. When I found “Yoga”, or a thread to it, I was able to toss out the manuscript in one of those big German garbage receptacles with a heavy iron lid. I can almost recall the sound of it these many years later. From the bottom of the suitcase to the bottom of the garbage heap.

 I want to say amen to all that, as a kind of conclusion.
But it is really about the ongoing and very tenuous thread.


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3 comments to Abraham, Kurt

  • Thanks for your comments. The book I think you are referring to is OM, Union through Astrology, which is fine as it is. I have read two of your books and admire your creativity and artistry. The books are not to my taste, but I would never publicly critique them in the manner you have done or try to instruct you in how you do your work. It is all a matter of opinion and we are all traveling the same Path. L

  • ThePaganSun

    I read most of your book, “Astrology as a Path to Higher Consciousness,” and I must say that I was rather disappointed and frustrated by some of Leo’s portrayal, especially in regards to its considerable strength being portrayed in more spiritual or independent terms as opposed to physical terms.

    Leo is the mighty and fierce LION of the Zodiac and as such its incredible physical strength should have been obvious and acknowledged as vastly superior to that of mere rams and can even prey on domestic bulls! It’s the Western Zodiac’s ONLY natural predator. The paw strength of a lion has been documented of shattering the backs and skulls of oxen!(It used to be said that the paw swipe of a lion was third most powerful force in animal world after blow from a whale’s tail and the kick of a giraffe).

    And the weight of the rams that was stated in the book was grossly exaggerated. Most Bighorn Rams weigh only about 260 pounds and at most just over 300 pounds (136 kg), but certainly NOT nearly the 800 to 900 pounds that was claimed. If anything, the idea of an “individual leaving the collective” is in fact more an aspect of Aries since rams are distinguished as being set apart or separate from the rest of their fellow sheep who are more submissive. Lions though, usually weigh around 420 pounds with some slightly over 550 pounds (250 kg).

    While male lions can be independent (especially the now extinct European lion which the sign of Leo would have been), most live in prides and while some people might consider it a lazy trait since the lionesses do most if the hunting, male lions actually live quite violent lives fighting off other lions and other threats like hyenas which makes it quite the fierce and powerful physical fighter. Indeed lions do BOTH charge head in and hold their ground.

    Also, let’s not forget that while Taurus might be associated with Gilgamesh, Leo’s origin has it associated with perhaps the strongest mythical hero ever who lifted up the Sky and wrestled Death and won: Hercules. And in Seneca’s “Hercules Furens,” he has Hercules himself hallucinate that Leo is attacking and about to kill Taurus, who despite its strength is still a prey animal. Another fact that astrologers should keep in mind is that while Hercules is also associated with Cancer, that fight is usually descibed by ancient authors as rather short and Cancer was helping Hydra, Hercules’ true opponent.

    By comparison, it took Hercules 30 days, and (according to one tradition) the help of a serpent sired by Gaia to kill the Nemean Lion and even then Hercules is said to have lost a finger (the only creature of Hercules’ numerous supernatural foes to ever injure him!). That fact alone should have proved Leo’s incredible power, strength, and ferocity. And some Christian or Biblical astrologers even associate Leo with another strongman: Samson.

    Leo also rules over the Strength Tarot Card (although I know it represents all forms of strength, not just physical) and the 5th House which many astrologers also forget includes sports and athletics, not just children, theatre, or the arts. As such, Leo is also a very athletic and physically active sign too, not just Sagittarius. Leo is also said to rule wild and solitary places like deserts, forests, and mountains which (as you said) makes it independent, but it also means that it enjoys the outdoors which adds to its physical aspect.

    So anyway, while I do appreciate the fact that Leo’s strength was indeed mentioned somewhat, I feel it did not quite match the longer in-depth descriptions and greater emphasis that was given to Aries, Taurus, and even Scorpio and Sagittarius. Leo’s well known origin as the Nemean Lion especially should’ve been described in detail.

    So I just hope that all of these aspects are taken into account in any future editions or works about Leo. Thanks for listening.

  • I have visited your port before. The more I learn, the more I keep coming back! ;-P

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