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Member of the New Group of World Servers
The Personal Journey of a Modern Day Disciple


My ancestors were circuit riders in the American Mid-West;
preaching the gospel to the settlers.

 MSE, Ph.D.E., Esoteric Astrologer. Lawson is Director of Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom,
professional esoteric astrologer, University of the Seven Rays Board Member,
author of the 12 CD series on Esoteric Astrology. And grandfather.


Editor: I have known Lawson for almost 30 years, and met him at an astrology conference at Taupo, New Zealand. At that time he cut a striking figure, garbed in the sort of gear Uranian type astrologers like to get around in. Since then, he has been dedicated to the study of Esoteric Philosophy and to teaching.

BG: What age were you when you started thinking of spiritual or esoteric matters Lawson?

I grew up in a Methodist family.  My ancestors were circuit riders in the American Mid-West; preaching the gospel to the settlers.  I was a faithful and earnest Sunday School and Bible study group member.  My father believed that nature was God’s church.  Within these two streams, I wandered in nature within my imagination. A crisis in my late teens plunged me into first atheism and then agnosticism.  I studied philosophy and psychology in my 20’s. The death of a friend who was a member of a Hindu ashram triggered a spiritual crisis when I was 30.  I joined the ashram and began the discipline of hatha yoga and meditation.  I also began to study astrology.  My greatest teacher was Alan Oken, a student of the Tibetan Master D.K.

BG: When did you consciously step onto the Path, and what were the circumstances?

I defined it as “stepping onto the Path” when I joined the Auckland Goodwill Unit of Service at about 40.  Another strong sense of this was joining a University of the Seven Rays Masters Course in Esoteric Psychology at 45. I remember a day sitting and studying with this group and thinking:  These are not people that I would choose as friends.  But, I have such a sweet sense that this is my group.


Lawson's Esoteric Psychology Group in Auckland NZ – 1990-1992. Lawson is second from front left; 
Maryann Casalino is in the centre;  Michael Robbins is behind Mary Ann.

BG: Then in which group of world servers do you think you belong Lawson, what would you say is your most important work so far, and what is your spiritual goal for the future?

I am a part of the 2nd Ray stream.  The focus is education and healing.  I am currently serving as a counselling astrologer and as an educator. I have done more than 5,000 astrological readings.  The importance of this work is hard to measure.  But, they all have a clearer sense of the roadmap for living their lives as conscious loving human beings.  They know indelibly that someone saw them and affirmed them. But, my most important work is the grounding of Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom.  It has the potential to become the New Zealand New School predicted in Alice Bailey’s book Letters on Occult Meditation.  Within a few hundred years, it should be recognized as a light house upon the planet.  Its graduates will be leaders in every field and country. My goal is to continue standing in the stream of fire coming from the One Fundamental School in Shamballa.  Standing thus, I will be an on-going anchor point for the New Schools.  Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom will become so deeply anchored that it will fulfil its destiny.  

BG: What do you think is the most important matter to address on earth, the greatest problem man currently faces and what should people do to address this matter?

The ability to love.  All other problems can readily be resolved if we see our brother as our self.  We must practice seeing the Christ in each other. One of the greatest courses of study is Esoteric Psychology.  It helps us see ourselves objectively and subjectively, therefore, seeing others objectively and subjectively.  It places the focus on the soul: its nature and purpose.  It illustrates the crisises that occur as the soul seeks to control and use the personality.    If we studied and taught Esoteric Psychology we would be providing a great service.

BG: How would you define the so-called Reappearance of the Christ? What advice would you give so that people can assist this process?

The Reappearance of the Christ will occur through the physical presence of the Christ.  He will also appear within each human being who opens their heart. The greatest tool that we have for furthering the Reappearance process is the Great Invocation.  It should ever be upon our lips.  We should share it will all we know.  I have it on the back of my business card.

Practice looking into people’s eyes and silently say:  “I see and love the Christ in you”.
Start each day by asking how this day can be a day of sharing.  Intend to risk love.

BG: What services are you offering now?

Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom opens its five-year residential programme of meditation, study and service on Solstice 21/6/2009.  We will meditate three times a day in the Silent Space (our meditation temple) and attend classes six hours per day.  We will be involved in service work in the larger community.


Editor: I have been to the land upon which Lawson and co-workers have established the Christ College and. As most readers will know, New Zealand is beautiful, and this land is high on mountainous hills which overlook the ocean and is particularly beautiful. Visit Lawson's website (given below) and check out the program).


Goodwill starLawson is a practicing esoteric astrologer, and with wonderful modern technology, is able to do readings anywhere in the world. 

Lawson Bracewell's email address is

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