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American – Michael Robbins 

 Ph.D. in Psychology, Ph.D.E. in Esoteric Philosophy.

Member of the New Group of World Servers
The Personal Journey of a Modern Day Disciple


"I come from a line of Rabbis.
I was born singing and was surrounded by music."


As a long standing teacher of the Ageless Wisdom through the study of the Seven Rays, Esoteric Astrology, Cosmology, and Rayology, Michael has inspired students worldwide, some of whom have gone on to form their own organizations to continue the spread of the Ageless Wisdom. Michael resides in Helsinki, Finland with his wife, Tuija, and in Phoenix, Arizona. Together they are developing esoteric ceremonial workshops in Europe. Michael is currently teaching a five year program on A Treatise on Cosmic Fire in seven international locations.Michael is also Head of the Morya Federation of Esoteric Education, an online interactive Campus for group Meditation, Study of the Ageless Wisdom and discussion on Service work and world projects. This training is based directly upon the work as outlined in the Future Schools Chapter, in Letters on Occult Meditation, by Alice Bailey.

BG: What was your childhood like Michael?

‘I was born in Chicago Illinois in 1943. My Russian grandparents came during the 1885-1905 wave of immigration. All Russian Jews – I come from a line of Rabbis. I was born singing and was surrounded by music. At a very early age I was listening to symphonic music of 19th century composers such as Tchaikovsky, Berlioz, Mozart, Beethoven. I was obviously picking up on a earlier (past-life) strand. My entire early upbringing was along artistic lines and I consider artistry to be spiritual. First the serious study of the piano, then the viola, guitar and finally into vocal music, theatre and opera-directing. One thing led to another along the Fourth Ray line.’ [Ray 4, Harmony through Conflict, is the ray of the artist, music, drama, etc.] ‘I repudiated the religion in which I was raised and became a great agnostic, seeing only the nonsense in religion as conventionally presented. However, (grand and beautiful) music sensitises and leads to certain mystical and unitive states which happened to me. This opened me up to the influence of planet Neptune. From 12 to 18 I attended the National Music Camp. It was a 4th ray heaven and the place was filled with reincarnated Greeks! For 2 months a year in the constant atmosphere of beauty, concerts, participating in every kind of appreciation of theatre, music, dance, choir led me to a real spiritual awakening.’

BG: Was there any particular person who had a powerful spiritual impact upon you?

Yes. I began my spiritual work in January of 1963 when I met my Teacher. At 19 I was on my way to practise with an Israeli dance troupe when I saw (how classic), a man with a white beard. We talked and after a period I knew I had to make a very important choice? Go dutifully on to the rehearsal or deviate and change my life forever – and this I did. From that time he exposed my cognition to spiritual energy. I voraciously studied books on astrology, philosophy, theosophical, Alice Bailey etc. until I became the inquiring scholar I am today. I waited on his every word! But one day on the campus of Michigan he just came out of the shadows so to speak, and said, “I was just thinking about you, giving you a mental licking. You’ve got to stand on your own!” So that was it. We continued our conversations, but my journey had to be my own. I was his student for seven years. From then on it has been a relentless pursuit for Reality through study, thought and living.’

BG: Why did you end your music career?

‘I studied theatre and became an opera singer and director, taught music in universities at Illinois, Dakota, and was a stage director in an opera company in North Dakota. Eventually I began to realise that the quest for pure truth, leading to esotericism and occultism was a far more magnetic path for me. So when I was invited to New York by the Arcane School I abruptly stopped my musical career to work with them. The Arcane School teaches the disciplines of discipleship for those interested in the theosophical approach to life. This tradition deals with eastern esotericism in the western world. It is based on the works of Alice Bailey, secretary of a Tibetan sage called Djwahl Khul, who was one of the beings who worked with Helena Blavatsky in helping to produce the monumental work The Secret Doctrine. This led to the founding of the University of the Seven Rays, and later to Morya Federation.’ Michael-Robbins

BG: What is the University of the Seven rays?

‘The Seven Rays Institute was designed to study the works of Alice Bailey in connection with Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric Astrology. In 1987, the group I worked with created the University. Any person interested in growing, and discovering their ‘true self’ will benefit from the courses currently being offered. They introduce people to an entirely new way of thinking about their identity. In the recent past the university has focused its efforts in the USA, South Pacific and Europe, to prepare for the new schools of esotericism.’

BG: What is Morya Federation?

‘It is an online school, offering a five-year programme. The Federation’s main course of study is the comprehensive curriculum given by the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul in the book Letters on Occult Meditation, written by Alice A. Bailey. DK predicts the future appearance of fourteen schools of meditation which will offer humanity a notable portion of the illumination which Hierarchy is seeking to bestow during the Aquarian Age. Two of the fourteen predicted schools will manifest in Australia and New Zealand. While these schools of meditation cannot yet be established precisely, a significant beginning can be made in the attempt to approach the program of meditation He suggests. Sensing the pressing opportunity arising at this critical period in the history of humanity, a number of experienced students of the Trans-Himalayan Wisdom have combined forces, creating the Morya Federation. The goal of the Morya Federation program, is to help create soul-illumined servers of humanity, who are inspired by love, will and spiritual intelligence. The keynotes of the Morya Federation are depth, comprehensiveness and synthesis (both in meditation and study) and our practical emphasis is upon service to our fellow human beings. We are now processing new applications for the coming year, and invite any interested readers to contact MF Admin.

BG: What else do the Teachings say about Australasia?

‘New Zealand (and Australia is not far behind) greet the new day first. So here is the rising sun of the New Age. The Secret Doctrine says that part of the new sixth sub race (of fifth Aryan Root Race), the current avant-garde of humanity, will be focused in Australia, New Zealand and United States. A pioneering spirit exists here and a new sensitivity is growing. There is a great awareness of the quality of life and of the finer forces of nature provided by the angelic or deva kingdom. The ability to live in harmonious rapport with the environment is being cultivated by advanced and illumined peoples. This will be one of the major offerings made by the schools here – spiritual, ecological consciousness.’

BG: Have you managed to incorporate your love of music into your esoteric work?

‘Yes. I work also as a composer of musical Solar Fire Rituals and Oratorios. I have composed sixteen or seventeen of these: one for every sign of the zodiac, plus a Ray Lords Ritual, a Sirius Ritual, a Festival of the Will, the Return of the Christ, and a short Healing Ritual.’

BG: What is your vision for humanity?

‘Christ said He came so human beings could have a life more abundant. Once we awaken to the gift which is in process of descending upon us, we can make the transition from the human into the Spiritual Kingdom and begin to live as souls or illumined mental beings – becoming more like the angels, and enter a way of living that is truly joyful, illumined, progressive, cooperative, loving and mutually assistive. People with an uplifted consciousness will be found in every type of human activity. Imagine then the wonderful impact politicians, financiers, scientists etc. will have upon humanity!’

BG: Do you have a message for readers?

‘People have to realise that they have always existed because Spirit itself is without beginning and end. I advise all people to identify with that immortal invincible part of themselves, and then to then pursue their highest impulses and dreams as if they were eminently possible. To lose their rather low and abysmal estimation of themselves as helpless, passive creatures in a vast system and realise that at a very deep level they themselves – as Spirit – are the director of the entire universe as well as being a tiny part… and to take joy in that identity … with the only One Being Who is ever is or ever has been … and realise that they, are, – IT!’

BG: Finally, where is your pathway taking you?

‘My will is to contribute what I can to the formation of the “Banded Esoteric Organisms”, which, with the “Masonic Organism” and the “Church Organism” are bringing in the New Age and preparing humanity for initiation. My will is to inspire, hold and drive forward. I would like to be a useful force in helping the world esoteric community break through into its next degree of ashramic affiliation. Quixotic, I know, but that is what motivates me. Hope springs eternal! And I simply know we can do it together!’

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Michael is Director of the University of the Seven Rays,

and also the Morya Federation.

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  • Hi Dandre, try Morya Federation online School of Meditation

  • Interested in foundation courses for cetificate or degree via online studies. Area of interest in esoteric psychology / studies,any info of institutions that may offer the teachings of such subject matter that works towards a better understanding of the Western Esoteric Tradition.

  • Celeste

    How wonderful – thank you Leoni and Michael!

  • Hi – I would like to say thanks for an interesting post about a subject I have had an interest in for a long time now. I have been looking in and reading the posts avidly so just wanted to express my thanks for providing me with some very good reading material. I look forward to more, and taking a more active part in the discussions here, whilst picking up some knowledge too!!

  • Robert Spaulding
    July 30th, 2009 at 6:21 am · Edit
    Michael, I sincerely appreciate your dedication and establishment of the Morya Federation.

    July 5th, 2009 at 6:11 am · Edit
    You are an inspiration Michael. I hold firm faith and trust, driving forward into the unknown, knowing you are there always:)
    In LL&P, Michele

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