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Brisbane Goodwill Interview with Phillip

 Editor: Phillip Lindsay was born in Brunei, but was raised in Australia. Attracted to esoteric astrology, for many years now this sincere disciple has been using his talents and skills to give counsel and advice to people to help them navigate their way on the spiritual Path; he gives classes, teaching students to look at life from a deeper perspective; and he is also an author, and has produced many informative and interesting books on esoteric history and astrology. Today Phillip is a global traveler, and communicates with co-workers, clients and students on the international stage. Phillip is a personal friend and Brisbane Goodwill (BG) managed to pin him down to answer a few questions, and give readers an insight into his personal spiritual journey.

"I remember psychic connections with animals,
complete telepathic conversations with cats!"

BG. What age were you when you started thinking of spiritual or esoteric matters?

I was not so much ‘thinking’, more ‘experiencing’. I was four years old when I had some extremely potent dreams that I remember to this day, strong soul impressions no doubt. I also remember psychic connections with animals, complete telepathic conversations with cats! At the age of fourteen years I started to ponder on what the universe was about and what lay beyond it. I remember one school holidays with my family staying in a very old place in Tasmania – that was slightly haunted. For three days I had many visions of what I now know must have been tapping into the ancient Lemurian landscape and its racial memory. I witnessed scenery and giants that were literally out of this world.

In my early twenties I was into mystical literature and considered myself an 'existentialist' yet still had not much exposure to esoteric material. I did meet a person at a party one night who told me all about my astrology and was also psychic. I was so impressed that I declared that night that I would seriously study astrology one day!

BG. When did you consciously step onto the Path, and what were the circumstances?

At the age of 31, just after my Saturn return was when I truly 'woke up' – always was a bit of a late developer! It was like a recapitulation of the 'reversal of the wheel'. I completely reversed my previous lifestyle 'overnight' and had many powerful experiences and dreams. I remembered my earlier declaration about astrology and started studying many books on it. I was also exposed to the Rosicrucianism of AMORC and Max Heindel who wrote “The Cosmo Conception”, an easier version of Blavatsky’s “The Secret Doctrine”.

BG. What attracted you to astrology?PL-1

The accuracy and depth of its psychology; how everything is influenced by astrology. I went to the metaphysical bookstore to buy one book on astrology and walked out with about twenty – and several hundred dollars poorer! I taught myself and also started the study of esoteric astrology at the same time. As a very seventh ray kind of person, I think that I have practiced and studied astrology in many other lives.

BG. What would you say is your most important work so far?

"The Hidden History of Humanity" project, the name of the first volume of several planned in a series. In volume I, I have made several major breakthroughs and I hope to contribute to the new paradigm emerging of how history is viewed, especially around chronology and the nature of time. Hence astrology, cycles the yugas etc., are integrally related to the unfoldment of human consciousness via the rootraces. I am bridging from the esoteric to the exoteric via several disciplines such as anthropology, geology, geography, archeology etc. in order to demonstrate the reality of how ancient humanity is; how absurd our current notions are of human evolution and its minute time scale. (See

BG. What is your spiritual goal for the future?

Several I guess: To try and create linkings between many of my co-workers that will help to facilitate a better working co-operation of the world group. Staying in the now is the daily objective. Dying daily – letting go continually of all that hinders the Path. Learning to love more. The completion of the abovementioned vision of esoteric history (HHH) is a major goal.

BG. What do you think is the most important matter to address on earth, the greatest problem man currently faces?

The culture of selfishness, materialism and greed, the inability to be generous or to share with others; the polarisation of this fifth root-race in the concrete mind. Groups of powerful cartels who control the world’s media, money and resources.

BG. What should people do to address this matter?

Like the '11th commandment says: "Love one another!" To seek out those of like mind and realise that the individual is not powerless when allied to their group of fellow souls and group work. This is what we are starting to learn that is Aquarian in nature.

BG. What are your thoughts about the Reappearance of the Christ?

The externalisation of the Hierarchy is happening, yet Christ's reappearance can only occur if some of the criteria in the previous question are fulfilled – that humans are demonstrating a certain degree of unselfishness, etc. The Reappearance of the Christ is the one of the greatest events in human history and I am talking about the last 18.5 million years! And particularly the last four million years which was when the great war of Atlantis was fought (depicted in the Hindu epic The Mahabharata). After this period and the great universal flood that ensued, The Masters had to withdraw from their interaction with Humanity for a period of ‘millions’ of years, Master DK tells us. They have been watching over and guiding Humanity since then, but are planning to walk amongst us once again – this has not happened since Atlantean times!

Of course its not just the reappearance of the Christ but the externalisation of the Hierarchy, the Masters of Wisdom and their various ashrams – of which all world disciples are members. We are, to paraphrase the Master Koot Hoomi, feeling the first few drops that presage the monsoon; or the ‘John the Baptist’ phase, the time of the forerunner.



BG. What are you doing right now and what services do you offer?

Currently I am focusing on the second volume of "The Hidden History of  Humanity", subtitled "Geography and Giants". Travels to North and South  America have helped me to fill in many gaps by being physically present in those places, intuitively perceiving what is there and hearing the local legends.

I have recently brought a pro movie camera and intend to make a documentary spanning over one hundred locations around the world – temples, sacred sites, old Lemurian and Atlantean locations, places that have stories about giants etc. So this second volume will be filmed as well as written. I will be interviewing many people for it and the whole project could take several years to complete. Daunting, but it is already underway!

I will be making a DVD soon that covers most of my Hidden History of Humanity project thus far and will also have an extra section about this new trip. It will be starting at Stonehenge in Britain at the summer solstice of 2010. Cancer, a time of birth. As various legs of the tour unfold, there will be provision for people to come along for ten days or so, as part of a ‘mystery tour’, complete with evening talks and so forth. The complete itinerary will be unveiled on the DVD.

 I also have several correspondence courses  available at – on the ageless wisdom, exoteric and esoteric astrology.

And of course I do personal astrological readings, available live by Skype, recorded and sent to the client. I am available for courses and seminars worldwide, just give me enough notice and I will put you on my schedule!


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  • According to the future prospects for reduced materialism and the energys and corporate groups that govern wealth resoures and trade. A system depending on msterizl growth, equates increased or status quo in maintenance of existing wealth4
    This economical system we live i today practically demands growth.
    Let us say in our hypotesis that we decited to beco e smart tomorrow.
    Introduced birth control like china did.
    Only 1.5 child on average for entire humankind.
    This would retard growth.
    By some say 70% (too lazy to calculate the statistics).
    Trade and commerce would come to a halt.
    70 out of every 100 supertankers that are transporting goods and services would have to stop.
    In the eyes of the blind capitalist this is a disaster.
    But I think i have seen the light at the end of the tunnel,
    And will come with a potential sollution in my next letter.
    What also benefits the materialist.

  • Hello 'medical',
                                The realm of philosophies and abstract ideas is where everything in the scientific and religious worlds proceeds from, so of course the origins argument is philosophical, but does not mean that it is unknowable or unresolvable. The realm of philosophy is the source of all truths and ideas that exist in the "raincloud of knowable things". If you are a student of the Bible, you might want to check out my book, The Hidden History of Humanity, that has one third of it devoted to an esoteric interpretation of Genesis (chapters 1-6).
    Also, with regards to science, time and beginnings, a recent essay here:
    Belief is one thing based on an intuitive but ultimately blind faith, whereas KNOWING is another,


  • The Scientific Method consists of observation and repeatable experimentation. Creation, by definition, was not observable by anyone within the bounds of this universe. And it is beyond our power to repeat the experiment. Therefore, the whole debate about origins is a philosophical, not scientific, debate. A basic philosophical axiom is that if your foundational assumptions are wrong, then the conclusions drawn from those assumptions are also wrong. Let’s examine the unprovable, foundational assumptions about each philosophy: Evolution states that in the beginning there was nothing, that became something, got itself organized, gave itself life, and then made itself better. Christianity states that in the beginning there was God, who created the world and everything in it in perfect harmony. Then Adam and Eve rebelled, and sin and death entered the world. But, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16 If you bbelieve in evolution based on faith, because the beginning is not verifiable. I believe in the God of the Bible based on faith, because the beginning is not verifiable. Which belief system requires the greater faith? I only know of One who there at the beginning. I choose to believe His first hand, written account, instead of placing my faith in the assumptions made by those who were not there at the beginning.

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