Clinton's Loss and the Trump Potential

An Esoteric Astrology Analysis – Clinton, Trump, the USA
13 November 2016 –  Leoni Hodgson: PMAFA; Ph.De Esotericism

According to opinion polls – and they have taken a severe beating as a consequence of their misreading of this US election; most people in the world thought Hillary Clinton (“the lesser of two evils”) would win the US Presidency. For many, Trump’s win was like a destructive and painful lightning strike. The lead-up to the election generated hatred and bitterness, pitched people against each other in nasty way never seen before in American politics. Most blame Trump for this, because of the divisive and vindictive tone. More American people voted for Clinton than Trump – this includes (speculatively), the world-wide community who voted with their minds or hearts. Many now feel wounded and disenfranchised, furious that a “misogynist, sexist, racist bully” has won the prize. But from a spiritual perspective, has he? Or at least, have the material forces which Trump seems to represent based on his professional life history, got the right man in place? This remains to be seen.

1. Why Clinton Lost the Election

clinton-2016On the surface, it appears Clinton lost the election because many accepted that she was “a liar and corrupt” and subjectively, she came to represent the “crooked establishment” that is responsible for all our woes.

I cannot recall a more successful campaign to so deliberately demonise a decent human being like Clinton,
than this concentrated attack over email misuse. Clinton’s ordeal was reminiscent of the Witch-Burning Trials of Salem

Engineered by Republican’s for political gain, this smearing migrated into corruption claims re the Clinton Foundation. That so many Americans (including many Bernie Sanders supporters and other Leftish leaning people) accepted these aspersions and accusations and repeated them without hard evidence, demonstrates the success of this witch-hunt. But it is understandable, based on America’s witch-burning/ lynch-mob inheritance. Just as witches were burnt at Salem for being “responsible for the troubles of the day”, so was Clinton in the author’s opinion. Interestingly, this aspect is part of the American psyche.


1. The Mars – Neptune 6th Ray factor

  • (First US chart). Neptune in Virgo 9th house square Mars in the 7th: These two planets – Neptune and Mars carry the 6th Ray of Devotion and Idealism, the force that rules the personality or lower nature of Americans. (Destiny of the Nations, p59; Alice Bailey). Neptune is in the 9th house of “orthodox religion and morals”, afflicted in Virgo. Warlord Mars is in the US “open-enemies” house. The two planets are in conflict. This indicates the misuse of this force at times that may lead to perversions of justice, conducting of crusades on shaky moral grounds, cruel acts, fanaticism and mob behaviour. This aspect could be interpreted as “get them before they get you” and “crucify before you are crucified”. Positively, we see here the struggle of the American soul to rise above and free itself from the negativity of lower emotional control and material life.
  • This Neptune-Mars square was present at the beginning of the Salem Massachusetts Witch Trials in 1692 and 1693, excepting Neptune was in Pisces (Second chart).
  • In 2015 as the State Department and FBI investigated Clinton’s emails, Neptune was once again in Pisces and from May through to June 2014, Mars returned to Gemini – the sign it inhabits during the Witch-Hunt Trials and the US Chart. This fueled the righteous fury of partisan Republican’s to “get Clinton”.
  • Clinton and Trump are karmically very connected with the events of Salem. Their Moon’s – symbols of “the past”, trigger the US Neptune-Mars square in a very powerful way. They brought it to life (forming a Grand Cross, the most tense and challenging set of forces possible in astrology) to play out another chapter from this sorry part of American history.


  • Trump had the power in this contest, is better placed to manipulate this side of America’s psychology. His Sun is on the US Mars, is on top of and managed to control the US personality. With his rhetoric he lanced American pain – 9/11, loss of jobs, loss of status and security, etc.; he needled this wound and turned this righteous witch-burning anger onto Clinton. “This evil woman is the cause of your pain, of your troubles.” He brought up moral indignation in people so they felt justified in condemning that “bad” person. It also made it easy for people who were not Trump or Clinton supporters to dismiss Clinton as a worthy candidate. Through his public mis-behaviours, Trump has strengthened the lower nature of this nation, given out a message that it is OK to abuse and bash up your enemies. This is a Piscean Age message, not Aquarian.
  • With the US Sun progressing through Pisces, it was easy for many American’s to blindly accept what they heard and to turn on Clinton. A “lynch-mob” mentality emerged. It will have to be said, this was a world-wide phenomenon. In a sense, the astral nature of humanity has been given a good shake-up.
  • Clinton became the target. Her Moon falls at the bottom of the US chart and of the Grand Cross in Pisces, a weak position. We can only speculate as to why Clinton suffered this fate. Perhaps she and Trump were there in Salem, as enemies. Their Moon’s square each other. But my immediate sense is that she is taking on some of the karma of the US nation for its involvement in international politics (9th house), one in which she has had a direct hand. Interesting isn’t it, that a woman would be called on to make a sacrifice for events that men have primarily initiated. Mundanely, sexism was at play. Many men still feel that a woman’s place is “in the home” or on her back. While many criticised Trump for his “locker-room talk”, many men identified with it. Hillary’s treatment during these months was a nasty public bashing.
  • Clinton also lost because Trump came to represent people who feel they have been forgotten by government. See Section 3 on Trump. On a different tack, if Trump serves 8 years in office, he will be out by 2024 when the US progressed Sun moves into the third decanate of Pisces, ruled by Mars and Pluto. That will be a dangerous period for the US.

2. The racial factor

When Obama got elected, there was a ground-swell of hatred from the racist element in America’s heartland. Obama overcame this by pulling out the Black vote to a record breaking level. Clinton was unable to repeat this. For the racist element, this was a time for pay-back

3. Corrupt Republican strategies

Another reason Clinton lost is because of corrupt practices in the Republican Party to skew the vote. Realising that their main support comes from white American’s and that the Black and Latino voting block that usually vote Democrat is increasing, ways have been devised to overcome this. For example:

  • The implementation of onerous voter ID laws targeting the less educated (presumably Black’s and Latino’s). These have been struck down in federal courts in North Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas and North Dakota. They include demands like photo identification or restrictions on early voting, closing of polling stations, etc.
  • Corruption within the Electoral College system: within each Electoral College or state, the Republican Party has unfairly drawn district boundaries to favour itself. [1] Jamming Democrat voters (largely urban Black) into a few throwaway districts and creating single-seat districts where Republican voters can dominate, they control the vote and House of Representatives. Newt Gingrich, a previous Speaker of the House and a leading adviser to Trump, masterminded this technique.

4. In summary

Many astrologers, myself included, thought Clinton would win the election because her astrological transits and progressions seemed to point to this. But Trump won “against the odds”. What I and many others under-estimated, was the power of the Neptune-Mars square aspect and the hatred or righteous condemnation that Trump managed to generate from it. It was hidden from public view, people were ashamed to admit they supported Trump, so pollsters and astrologers who rely on public feedback to read what is going on in the public mind got it wrong. This is due to the veiling and distorting effect of Neptune in the US natal chart and the US progressed Sun moving through Pisces.

  • Clinton won the popular vote and if that counted as it does in some political systems such as in New Zealand and Europe, she would have won the Presidency.
  • If the Republican Party did not cheat and drew district boundaries fairly, Clinton would have won the Presidency.

Clinton is a Scorpio disciple and like the phoenix, will rise again to fight another day. She has paid a huge karmic debt and the achievement of victory – in this life or the next, is her destiny.  In her concession speech she offered to work with the president-elect and said “We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.” This desire to unite in the ashes of defeat is a further testament to the magnificence of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s spirit.

2. The real world problem – corporate, organised greed, degradation of the lower and middle classes

corporate-greedBoth sides of politics – the Right who are the agents of “big business” and the “trickle-down theory” and the Left who supposedly support social policies and the greater-good; have presided over decades of unregulated Capitalism and globalization which has seen the impoverishment of the middle and lower classes and degradation of living standards. The only winners are the 1-percenters [2]  who have become fabulously rich. Here is how the Tibetan Master summarised this problem.

The responsibility for the widespread misery to be found today in every country in the world lies predominantly at the door of certain major interrelated groups of business-men, bankers, executives of international cartels, monopolies, trusts and organizations and directors of huge corporations who work for corporate or personal gain. They are not interested in benefiting the public except in so far that the public demand for better living conditions will enable them to provide the goods and services which will bring in heavier financial returns. Exploitation of man-power, the manipulation of the major planetary resources and the promotion of war for private or business profit are characteristic of their methods. They stand behind governments and politicians and control the electorate. They love money and the power which money gives and have made possible the vast differences existing between the very rich and the very poor. Problems of Humanity, p70-71; Alice Bailey

These words were written in 1947, but this situation is as relevant today as it was then. For too long, the lower classes in particular have been blamed for the problems in the economy – “social programs are a drain on the countries resources that it cannot afford”. Over the last thirty or so years, all Western governments have initiated policies that support globalization and the big end of town in the presented belief it would improve the economy and standards of living. Instead, jobs have gone, small businesses have folded and mental and physical diseases and social problems have increased. Although more money is being generated, less goes into the public purse for social programs because it is being siphoned upwards by the 1-percenters. This is why the working and middle classes are so outraged. Quality of life has been degraded and the people who should care – the government, is unwilling or appears unable to make effective changes because of the way the American government operates. The same anger fueled the French Revolution.

  • Government in a chart is represented by Saturn. In the US chart, Saturn dominates from the 10th house which it is located in and which it naturally rules. This shows the dominance and power that the government and its law and order branches (Saturn is in Libra) wield over the lives of Americans on all levels.
  • That this corporate power does not always act in the best interests of people, but is largely self-preserving is indicated by Saturn’s challenging aspects to the Sun and Moon. Saturn also rules big business and corporations and the same applies here. However, the trine from Saturn to Uranus indicates that forward and progressive change is possible. The people are demanding this change now.
  • Trump was swept to power with the progressed Moon (the US people) opposing Uranus. Will Trump be the catalyst that brings about the appropriate changes so that its elected officials start to serve their people justly and fairly? It is possible. He is a Gemini – he could flip. In five months – around April 2017, the progressed Moon moves into the 1st house, a brand new chapter in American life begins. If people give Trump the chance, and if he is willing, he could initiate essential change.

Democrats should not despair over the election loss. Many Democrats are mourning – not only over the loss of the election, but because they are empathetic with the pain and shaming that Clinton was subject to. This is normal in sensitive and kind people. We carry those we love in our hearts. But the war has not been lost. The Aquarian Age goal is the greater good for the greater whole, a system based on “social democracy” as Bernie Sanders said, an economy that is fair for all. Consider this election as the loss of one battle in a protracted war in which the outcome is sure. The cosmic tide supports this goal and will carry those who fight for economic and social justice to victory at a future date. Just regroup, think of your children, your grand-children and your next incarnation when hopefully things have improved; and prepare for the next battle.

3. President Donald Trump

trumpDonald Trump did not conduct himself decently in the election. He will have to face the karmic implications of that. Nor has his previous life path indicated anything else but that his prime concern is maximizing his own wealth, power and influence. But for good or ill, he is now the President of the US, a man of destiny who will go down in the annals of history. The legacy he leaves is yet for him to determine. Here is a brief astrological overview of his character.

  • Trump grew up emotionally insecure (Saturn in Cancer conjunct Venus) and he likes to surround himself with pretty and attentive women to feel better. His rudeness to women stems from events from his childhood and possible harsh treatment from his mother (Moon Sagittarius 4H, opposite Sun-Uranus; inconjunct Saturn). Whatever he experienced, it is still a raw wound given the nastiness of his tongue.
  • Trump has grown into a dynamic leader and ideas man. He is a manifester, a magician with a Midas touch when it comes to making money and can expand his wealth [Sun conjunct Uranus Gemini 10H, trine Jupiter]. But he has a short attention span and tends to project what he is feeling and thinking onto others, rather than see what is actually before him. He lacks judgment at times and makes dubious decisions on the fly that could bring losses [Mercury square Neptune 2H, semi-square Mars on the Asc in Leo].
  • His aggressive and reactive nature is due to Mars sitting on his ascendant, colouring his perception of life and others. This is a major downfall. He can be arrogant and imperious, act before he thinks. This is a danger in a president. However, he will heed older and wiser heads (Mars sextile Sun), and the women in his life and family will help him find balance (Mars trine Moon 4H).
  • On the upside with Mars in Leo on the ascendant, Trump will never stop fighting. The question is – who will he fight? His Mars opposes the US Moon which on the surface indicates war against his own American people. This is not a positive aspect. However, as mentioned previously, this is mitigated somewhat by his Sun trine US Moon. But he will always stay engaged with the masses – fighting them or supporting them.  With his Mars falling on the US 9th cusp of “foreign affairs”, his relationship with leaders of other countries will be prickly and potentially fraught with danger.
  • Trump said he was well placed to fix the evasion of taxes problem that is so widely perpetrated by the wealthy. His chart shows that if he is so inclined, he could do that, or at least go to war with corporations and plutocrats (should I say Pluto fat-cats) who are vampirizing the economy, are sucking the life-blood out of their fellow Americans (Mars inconjunct US Pluto in the 2nd House of personal money).

1. Trump changed the political landscape.

In a sense, he is a grenade tossed by revolutionary forces into the two major political systems. The Republican elite never wanted him because he “is not a true Republican”; the Bush President’s made their dislike for him well known. He never got the full backing of the party machine – financially or in spirit, which (positively) means that he owes fewer favours than might otherwise be the case. It remains to be seen whether this disruption brings long term changes for good or whether he will consolidate the old and greedy in order to increase his personal wealth.

  • He certainly has the psychological capacity to change track, to flip from one extreme to another is he chose to do so, he is a chameleon Gemini Sun Sign person. Further, dynamic, independent and rapid-change Uranus infuses his personality.

2. Trump appealed to core Republican voters, but he also brought together groups of people who feel they have been forgotten and their cries for help have not been heard.

This included Democrat supporters – largely, white males, blue-collar workers who have lost jobs. Overall, 58% white people voted for Trump, 8% black and 29% Hispanics. A cynic may say that Trump said whatever he needed to say to get elected. But one of the things that appealed to many who voted for him, was that he appeared to be authentic – when he spoke he meant what he said and you knew it. This was refreshing in an age when people expect their politicians to tell lies. The reason for this can once again be explained by astrology.

  • Trump is able to make an authentic heart connection with the working classes, especially with younger men at all levels because his Sun conjuncts the US Mars. He is also able to connect with the public because his Sun also trines the US Aquarius Moon. This is why so many are drawn to him. If he is so inclined, he could breathe life and vitality into manufacturing and blue-collar jobs as he promised if he goes about it cleverly and avoids the self-deceit within his own nature and the obstacles that rank materialists would place in his path to divert him.
  • Trump’s Uranus – the force of radical change and new life, widely conjuncts the US Uranus and it straddles the US Asc/ Dec axis. He is a spring-cleaning broom who will either breathe new life and energy into the nation or shatter things, making a mess.

3. All people who are world figures and who manage to unite and bring together large sections of the community are either on, or are approaching the Path of Spiritual Development. This includes Trump.

On this Path we serve and support groups, ranging from small to world-wide. If we are selfish, we attract selfish people to us; if we are selfless we attract kind and compassionate people. The magnetism that draws people to oneself comes from the heart chakra, the spiritual organ of the soul. Usually it opens as we develop and express love and wisdom and become inclusive with our fellow men. But sometimes it begins to open in people who are still selfish and materialistic, but who act as the heart-centre of their business, organization or group. In my opinion, this is where Trump stands now and this is supported by his astrology.

  • The world has seen the nastiness of Trump’s character. But his progressed Sun (his personality) has moved into Virgo, His character is changing and as the years unfold, a more thoughtful and discriminating man should emerge. The Sun has also just moved into the 1st house, a most powerful position that will help Trump dominate his cabinet, to be his own man and to act more independently that might otherwise be the case. There are opportunities but also obvious great dangers in this when the man involved is the most powerful person in the world and is highly reactive. The Virgo influence will quieten this down, but this will take time.
  • In its lowest sense, Virgo is very materialistic; spiritually, it is the sign that heralds the approach to the spiritual Path and the birth of the Christ, or love and wisdom, in the heart. This is the cross-roads at which Trump currently stands. Will this birth take place so that we will see a President Trump emerge who fights for the greater good of the masses (Moon unveiling Vulcan in the 4H)? Or will he continue down the low road of materialistic profit and gain and feed the big-end of town? Time will tell.

In the meantime, for the greater good – as embattled warrior Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech – “keep an open mind”. This should be easier for those who are Aquarian in consciousness and are therefore more inclusive and tolerant. To flip from the low to the high road, from the ego into his soul, Trump will likely need all the help he can get. Send him light and love and your prayers, and perhaps a miracle will happen. The potential is in his stars – Uranus – magic, conjunct his Sun, in the midheaven; and Uranus is the flag-bearer of the Aquarian Age. Perhaps the Spiritual Hierarchy tossed the shattering and radical “grenade” Trump into this election?




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4 comments to Clinton’s Loss and the Trump Potential

  • Thanks Torgny, I agree with what you say 100% I believe – with Trump’s Sun-Uranus conjunction his task is to shatter the crystallisation of the current political and economic landscape. The fact he is doing it for his own selfish reasons does not change the urgent need for that.

  • Torgny Jansson

    Thanks for your article so full of insights. I would myself believe that Trump was elected because he is what USA needs today. Barrack Obama (representing the soul of USA) came with the message of right human relations. He never spoke words of hatred or separatism, he was a man of kindness and respect for others. This shows his soul-qualities. He did not speak words of separatism or hatred. Obama’s program was also in accordance with the Plan of the White Brotherhood – a world of cooperation, right relations between people. The Tibetan speaks very straightforwardly that what matters is soul-qualities, not the outer world of economy, wars and others.

    Republicans in Congress made every effort to stop any legislation proposed by Obama, and then make people blame Obama for slow change. And many people believed what the Republican Party said, became cynical and did not support him. The American people (and the world) were given an opportunity to embrace the spiritual light – right human relations, but did not respond so well to this. This also creates a karma – refusing to accept the light.

    We can develop through the soul, which is the best alternative. But if we don’t respond to the soul, we have go back and learn through the experiences of the personality. USA could have learned through the soul (right relations) but now have to learn through the experiences of the personality (cynicism, separatism and fear). Trump (“It is all about American interests”) representing the personality is obviously what USA (and the world) needs to go through today.

    Torgny Jansson

  • Thanks Julie, it is a great question. “All people who are world figures and who manage to unite and bring together large sections of the community are either on, or are approaching the Path of Spiritual Development – Is and was this true of Hitler?”
    Let us be clear, Hitler was a most evil being, overshadowed by evil. What needs clarifying is “Path of Spiritual Development. Once we have developed a strong and powerful personality (where Trump is now at least), we step onto the Path, where our soul – source of love and wisdom, tries to bring our emotions, minds and entire nature under its control. But on this Path – until we are at a very advanced stage and the soul has a “good grip”; we can veer off to the Left Hand Path through selfish ambition and separativeness. We are only secure when we are no longer susceptible to these temptations.

    “This individual security is only reached between the time of taking the second initiation and the third (when the whole nature is brought under soul control). After that.. there is then no fear of his permanently turning back and reaching the left-hand path and so perhaps, in rare cases, finding his way into the Black Lodge.” Rays and Initiations p155-156, Alice Bailey

    I don’t know how far along Hitler was on the Path before he turned. But he was very evil and unfortunately, very charismatic to millions who were like him or who fell for his lies. The good he did for the world was to bring to the surface the greed and evil that was in humanity already. People would not have rallied to his evil if it had not also been somewhere within them!

    “The tendency to fasten the war on Hitler and his gang of evil men should not blind us to the causes which have made his evil work possible. He is mainly a precipitating agency, for through him world selfishness and cruelty have been brought to a focus”.. Ancient and untrammelled selfishness has ever been a characteristic of man; the desire for power and for possession has ever motivated men and nations.” Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p 181; Alice Bailey

    WWII sorted a lot of that out. You also say “I believe Hillary was on her way to a landslide victory until the sabotage by FBI, James Comey!” I agree with you that Comey acted politically. My paper points to other ways the Republican Party is cheating its way to election success. Many in the world are with you on this and look forward to the future when the fair and decent amongst you can fix this. That is inevitable. Good will come out of this given time.

  • Julie W.

    You state, “All people who are world figures and who manage to unite and bring together large sections of the community are either on, or are approaching the Path of Spiritual Development.” Is and was this true of Hitler? I also believe Hillary was on her way to a landslide victory until the sabotage by FBI, James Comey! This is a very big deal!

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