Esoteric Astrology Course 2015

“Esoteric interpretation of the Natal Chart”

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Begins February – March 2015

A. About the course:

  1. There is no chart calculation. Students will be taught how to interpret a birth chart, from the point of view of our soul growth and purpose.
  2. You will also be given an overview of the Spiritual Path, of man’s basic nature, and the transformations that take place within our inner system, and how this all relates to astrology.
  3. Also of course, how our spiritual purpose impacts upon our everyday life, relationships, career and spiritual service.
  4. Lessons 1 and 2: are for beginners to astrology, and are an introduction to basic astrology and basic “How to Interpret a Chart”. The the class will contain both trained astrologers and “newbies”.
  5. At this stage, I do not know how many lessons there will be in the whole course. It is still being written.
  6. Those who successfully complete the course will receive a Certificate in Esoteric Astrology Chart Interpretation, from Brisbane Goodwill Esoteric School.

B. Weekly in-house class, 1 Biske Court, Burpengary, Brisbane.

  1.  Cost is $20 for a 2-hour lesson, plus 20cents per page for printed notes.
  2.  It will be a week day, once a week, 1pm start, in the week February 16 to 20. Day still to be selected.
  3.  February lessons 1 and 2 are for beginners to astrology, then in March, the main Esoteric Astrology Course will begin.

C. Online course – for beginners or trained astrologers

  1. Cost is AUD $35 per lesson, payable by PayPal or (for NZ or Australian students) by direct credit to my bank account. Pay at each lesson.
  2. Students will do one module at a time – receive notes and be set a lesson which they will send to me via email. At the same time pay for the next lesson.
  3. Lessons will be responded to in turn via email. The next lesson notes will also be included.



Course Instructor: LEONI HODGSON
Certificates: PhD Esoteric Science & Psychology (Univ. Seven Rays, Ariz); PMAFA  Prof. Member American Fed Astrologers. INEH Esoteric Healing. Faculty: Author: Journey of the Soul; OM, Union through Astrology; Raja Yoga Course.

The Brisbane Goodwill School of Esoteric Studies, Burpengary
1 Biske Court, Burpengary, Qld 4505. Ph: 07 54978442. Email – 61-7-54978442


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