Esoteric-Spiritual Psychology Course 2015

The Brisbane Goodwill School of Esoteric Studies, Burpengary
1 Biske Court, Burpengary, Qld 4505. Ph: 07 54978442. Email

Esoteric Psychology – Spiritual Training Course

Begins March 2015

~ Are you seeking life direction? ~

Who am I? ~ Why am I here? ~ Where am I going? ~ How do I get there?

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Course Instructor: LEONI HODGSON, 25 years teaching
 esoteric-spiritual development and managing group harmonics.
Certificates: PhD Esoteric Science & Psychology (Univ. Seven Rays, Ariz); PMAFA  Prof. Member American Fed Astrologers. INEH Esoteric Healing. Faculty: Univ. of the Seven Rays, Morya Fed. Schools of Meditation. Author: Journey of the Soul; OM, Union through Astrology; Raja Yoga Course.


The Goal of the course is to help you unlock the inner beauty and power of your soul.

This is achieved by merging Eastern Psychological Wisdom with modern psychological thought, applied through exercises and spiritual disciplines.

  • Who you are as a Spiritual-Human being, where you stand on the Path of Spiritual Development, what your “life purpose” is.
  • Your psycho-spiritual profile, your different “parts”, why they behave as they do, your emotional “pain body” and what you can do to achieve inner peace.
  • An Eastern or “energy” perspective of psychological disorders generally, and therapies to help restore mental and emotional balance.
  • Relationship dynamics are energy interactions that can be harmonised.
  • A safe and supportive group where you will feel confident to share from a deep, authentic level, facilitating inner healing.
  • Skills you will gain: basic counseling, reading Psycho-Spiritual (Ray) charts, meditation using the proven Raja Yoga method of mind training.

This practical course will give you a clear sense about who you are as a soul, what your strengths and limitations are, what your spiritual goal is in this life and what you need to do next to move towards that goal.
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  • Faculty: Leoni Hodgson and assistants Jim Orchard and Paula Villano
  • Course: 7 x (2 day) weekend modules over 12 months. Start 2015 21-22 March, 23-24 May, 18-19 July, 19-20 September, 14-15 November, 2016 20-21 February, April 16-17.
  • Cost: $175 for the weekend. Pay when you come or on-line. (Financial assistance by arrangement)
  • Time: 8am to 4.30pm  Bring your own lunch.
  • Venue: 1 Biske Court,  Burpengary (1/hr north of Brisbane CBD)
  • Contact: Leoni Hodgson. Email:  Phone: 07- 54978442. Space limited.

NB. You do not need training in counseling or psychology to do this course, although this would be helpful. Graduates will receive a certificate in Esoteric Psychology, but please note, this is not recognised by the Queensland Govt.

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