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The word "esoteric" is related to the subtler world of energies which all outer forms veil and hide. These are the forces of Spirit and Soul,which lie behind and produce all forms in the universe – galaxies, stars, planets, man, creatures, vegetation, primitive life.

The esotericist endeavours to discover the reason why!

"Why do things happen?" he asks. He wrestles with the problem of happenings, events, crises and circumstances, and tries to discover the deeper meaning which they hold for him. "Everything happens for a reason" he believes. But finding that reason can be difficult. So he turns to spiritual philosophies and esoteric arts such as esoteric astrology, in an effort to uncover and understand that which was previously confusing or hidden.

In truth, what he is seeking, is to understand and find his true nature, his Divine Self. This sets him upon an endeavour to understand the laws and mysteries of the universe, so that he can flow with Life, rather than continually being rocked and hit by "unforseen" events. He wants to be happy and to be in bliss, rather than live in constant emotional and psychological pain and torment. It is here that Esoteric Philosophy helps, because it explains the laws of the universe, and the requirements of the Soul or Higher Self, and what we need to do to bring our outer life into synchronicity with the demands of the cosmos. When the esotericist learns to do this, he is truly beginning to wield spiritual force intelligently, and to flow with the power of the universe. In truth, Esoteric Philosophy is the key which enables man to transform himself into a cosmic being of Light. All man has to do is read, learn and do it… to apply the key which is "right" for him, and turn it!


Helena BlavatskyThe most famous esoteric philosophies, are the recorded teachings of Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ. From that period we also have great philosophers such as Samkaracharya the father of Vedanta, and Patanjali who recorded the teachings of Raja Yoga. Through the ages humanity has been blessed by philosophers of all races and persuasions. Of the modern age, the greatest esoteric philosopher is Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891) famous for her monumental work The Secret Doctrine. Follow this link for an online version of The Secret Doctrine –  The Doctrine brought Eastern mysticism to the West, and lay the foundation for the rapid interest and expansion in esoteric thought. This work has been added to by many esotericists, and especially Alice A. Bailey(1880 – 1949). Contact Lucis Trust, or Sydney Goodwill to purchase Bailey.

 Helena Blavatsky


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