Christmas Eve


By Corinne Heline

Esotericist of the 20th Century

 Upon a high hill stands a luminous white Temple. The structure is twelve-sided, and raised above its vast dome is a great cross gleaming against a five-pointed star of light. The interior of the Temple is full of a shimmering white mist, purer than the most crystalline snow. Above the altar hangs a spotless white cross, its center adorned by a single white rose.

This Temple is the seat of a group of benign beings who have dedicated themselves to service to the world, to bring about the upliftment of mankind and the surcease of sorrow and pain. The masses of humanity are completely unaware of their work, but to the wise they are known as the Compassionate Ones, Ever at the mystic hour of midnight these mighty ones assemble before the great cross with its single perfect flower. As they unite their spiritual forces and direct them toward the rose it gradually becomes lumi¬nous; its petals unfold, and a light, dawn-fresh and pure, increases until the entire blossom is transformed to a radiant golden hue. This light continues to increase in volume and intensity as the work of the Brothers proceeds, until the whole Temple is suffused with it. Then the light passes out through the twelve windows, one of which adorns each of the twelve sides of the Temple. All the landscape round about is illumined by the mighty rays as they ex¬pand and advance and are finally swallowed up in the infinitude of space.

Blue-Star_EnderliThe Temple at times appears to be almost physical in outline.wrose Again its great dome becomes enveloped in an undulating ebb and flow of silvery etheric mist.

The price of entrance into this holy place is not riches, nor fame, nor the adulation of the world. Rather, one must learn to bear his cross more bravely and to walk more closely in the Masters steps. One must learn to tread the straight and narrow path that leads up the steep ascent of Calvary. Before this door will open the heart must be cleansed of selfish desire, the mind disciplined until it possesses the clearness and bril¬liance of a diamond. When the Disciple is freed from the last remnants of self-interest, he is ecstatically conscious of having become one with the light pouring from the Temple, and he knows that regardless of time, space or circumstance, he will never again be parted from it. He knows that throughout all the days of all his lives on earth this light will be a mystic bond connecting him with the exalted beings who labor within the Temple.

Christmas Eve is the holiest night of earth’s year, and on this night the work of the White Brotherhood reaches its zenith. Hour by hour through that night the members unite to pour forth a mighty spiritual force, a force that causes the single white rose upon the cross to grow ever more lustrous. Hosts of Angels descend and surround it. Singing softly and with exquisite tenderness, they gather up shining rib¬bons of light and bear them away.

ArchAngelMichael-copy guardian-angel-graphics-1-c           Some release their precious burden above the lurid fields of battle. Others swoop down into the city’s darkest and foulest areas. Some bestow their benediction upon hospitals and houses of pain. Still others weave shining garlands as balm for hearts laden with sorrow and heads bowed by the weight of care. Some seek the realms where those assemble who are newly released from the body in what men call death. ‘With their streamers of light the Angels build a shining pathway from these so-called dead to the home and hearts made desolate by their going, establishing an intimate and tender communion between those who have “gone over” and their loved ones left behind on the earth plane. All during the hours of the holy Christmas night the exalted Brotherhood within the mystic Temple performs its labor of love for the world, while the Cross and Star above the Temple dome glow with heavenly light and multitudes of Angels chant in triumph¬ant chorus: “Glory to God in the highest, and peace — peace on earth among men of good will.”


corinneCorinne Heline (Atlanta, Georgia, August 18, 1882 – 1975) was an American author, Christian mystic and occultist born to the aristocracy of the Old South. Heline received a classical and religious education. She was a life-long student of the ancient mysteries. The Rosicrucian Initiate Max Heindel became her teacher at Mount Ecclesia. At this holy place she met another New Age pioneer, Theodore Heline, who became her husband and undertook the publication of her mystical and occult writings.  Her monumental work, ‘The New Age Bible Interpretation’, in seven volumes was followed by many other works interpreting the ‘ancient wisdom’. She is worldwide known among students of esotericism and occultism, and also in New Age circles, as a pioneer, opening the way to vast new fields of investigation related to the coming Aquarian age. Wikipedia. Heline’s books can be obtained from


It “is a temple of Esoteric learning of the Bible, Philosophy, and other Inspired Teachings that are helpful and necessary for the advancement into a new and transformed world!  We are dedicated to keep the writings of Corinne Heline in print and available for those students and aspirants of the coming Aquarian Millennium, who will be instrumental in bringing ordered beauty to the planet in the age now dawning.”



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