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Leoni has studied the Ageless Wisdom for 40 years, beginning with the Theosophical Society in Auckland NZ. She was privileged to be a student in Geoffrey Hodson’s Raja Yoga classes he held in the late 70’s, early 80’s, running them from his home in Belvedere Crescent. Later she studied with  The University of the Seven Rays, gaining a  Master’s in Esoteric Psychology and Ph.De in Esoteric Philosophy. Leoni is an astrologer with a PMAFA Certificate from the American Fed. of Astrologers, and is a self-taught esoteric astrologer.

Leoni has taught various subjects over the last 20 years – Esoteric Psychology, Astrology, Raja Yoga and Esoteric Healing, designed and ran the Great Quest Programme for the online esoteric school Morya Federation

Leoni has written two books: Journey of the Soul and OM Union through Astrology, and a third will be published shortly – Medical Astrology: the Psychological Link to Disease.

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30 comments to Contact Brisbane Goodwill

  • Lyn Darnall

    Dear Leoni,

    Thank you for suggesting that we go to your website for the Five Cities!

    Much appreciated!


    humanity, the planet and all lives thriving, evolving and trekking together through the world of energy

    bringing 3 world ideas and realities to life individually and collectively as evolving lives:
    citizens of the world of energy
    all lives are energies existing as citizens of the world of energy
    the world collaborative
    all lives form a part of an ever-awakening and emerging world collaborative
    evolution through energy
    all is energy, evolving together through energy

    In the spirit of world friendship among kindred spirits!


    Namaste & Good Morning Madam!
    I read the article ” Five cities – Five Chakras.
    Good to learn some insights from you.
    Darjeeling, where I was stayed on job requirement for four and half years. I had experienced a different than the general public who had been visiting at that time.
    I travelled from behind Darjeeling via Silk route ( lot of people not aware of this) to Tibet. It’s truly a lifetime experience. I saw the unseen, I experienced the bliss of the
    Greatest but its inexplicable. This was during 1998 to 2002.

    On seeing your article again my spirit thrilled and I remembered everything the Supramundane or the Great Light.
    Thanks and cordial regards ever humbly!

  • Thank you. And likewise. Sydney Goodwill site is beautiful and inspiring.

  • Such a beautiful site to inform, inspire and uplift as we serve and journey together.
    Sending deepest gratitude, love and supportive thoughts,
    from Judy, Viv and all at Sydney Goodwill

  • Chuck Close

    Blessings and Gratitude. Do you conduct readings? I would like a reading, re: the next six months and then beyond. Natal is 7/5/1946 Cincinatti, Ohio 39N 84W29. What would the cost be?
    Aum Sivia,
    Chuck (Ekadantaya)

  • My partner and I stumbled over here different web page and thought I might as well check things out.
    I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look
    forward to going over your web page for a second time.

  • Laura

    Hi Leoni, just wondering how much your meditation groups cost and the dates available? I’m extremely interested:) many thanks! Laura.

  • Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. Leoni

  • Thank you for a beautiful site.
    Know that your light connects even the most southern point of Africa today

  • Judi Khan

    Will you be holding a Wesak meditation healing service in May, if so can you provide information so I may join you?

    Thank you

  • Erika

    Dear Goodwill,

    I am very glad to have discovered your website. I would like to express my interest in the weekend Spiritual healing course on the 25th and 26th of January 2014. I will be looking forward to receiving your confirmation.
    Warm regards,

  • huseyin okandan

    Dear Friends;
    I’m Huseyin Okandan , living in Selcuk-Ephesus,a nice small town in the
    aegean coast of Turkey.Selcuk-Ephesus; as you know a very important archaeological, historical and Spiritual holiday spot in the world.I accompany and ,guide them on tours of the region,experience the spiritually transformative,
    magnetic energies of magical and informing the knowledge
    is my aim,for sharing the esoteric information.Please visite my web site;
    and get in contact with me for more informations.
    Light&love and peace be with you always,
    Huseyin Okandan

  • Hi Edward, I would. I was planning to do a short paper on the GI in the next few days, so this is timely. Please contact me directly o the Bigpond email address. Thanks. Leoni

  • edward barlow

    I made a Power Point slide show on The Great Invocation. Will you be intersted to post it on your web page for people to download? I need an email adress to email it to you
    Love Edward.

  • Mary Belle Knudson

    How do you sign up to become a member of this website to receive monthly newsletter?

  • Bradley Conway


    It suites the generous man to give money,
    but truly the generosity of the lover
    is to surrender his soul.
    If you give bread for God’s sake,
    you will be given bread in return;
    if you give your life for God’s sake,
    you will be given Life in return.

    Mathnawi I, 2235-36 Rumi

  • Wendy Wright

    Hello Leoni,

    A wonderful site full of Goodwill & Light. When opening your website, Golden Light was shining forth from the web page. My office filled with Golden Light illuminating the whole room.

    Realization; the time was perfect for a website of this magnitude, connecting all for the benefit of Humanity.

    Love & Light,
    Wendy Wright.

  • Sam J. Sheldon

    A beauiful website and may it continue to grow progressively in the light.
    In Light, Love and Power,
    Sam Sheldon

  • Birgitte Helene Rasmussen

    May we all recognize the One Soul and live our lifes in true brotherhood and service

  • Judy Jacka

    The spiritual high point of the year as energies flow from the Gemini festival is indeed a great time to launch this beautiful website. May it be an inspiration to many searching souls.

  • Blessings to all those who visit this beautiful site! Blessings to all men and women of Goodwill! Blessings upon the Soul of Humanity! May that Soul express itself fully and radiantly through each and every human being! Blessings upon our little planet, on its way to a destined sacredness! May the Will-to-Good triumph as Goodwill in the hearts and minds of every member ofr the human race. So Mote it Be and help us all to play our part–in Love and Wisdom.

    Love and Many Blessings to All,
    Michael Robbins

  • May we each become lighthouses; shedding light upon the path of all suffering Humanity.
    May joy be our note as we take our stand within the group and serve. Waves of love from Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom.

  • Oh thou who giveth sustenance to the Universe
    From whom all things proceed
    To whom all things return
    Self conscious in thee
    Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual Sun
    Hidden by a disk of golden light
    That we may know the Truth
    See the Truth
    And speak the Truth
    And so do our whole duty
    As we journey to thy sacred feet.

  • Nancy Connally

    To all people everywhere: Let us focus in our Hearts and know that although there is still terrible suffering in the world, it is of the form nature (mental, emotional and physical) and therefore temporary, and that the soul is vibrant and alive and the spirit immortal. Underneath all the apparent chaos is the pure and holy evolutionary process, put in motion when time began, and it will lead us out of darkness. Let us focus on the good, the beautiful and the true and help where and when we can to both alleviate suffering, and help the Light of Understanding and Compassion grow.

  • Russell Holland

    Good to see Goodwill spreading the Word

  • To all peoples of Goodwill, may our journy’s continue to bring Light and Love and selfless service, Love and Blessings, Gleneys Ormiston.

  • John M Harvey

    Let the brothers play the note of my own insecurity in matters of spiritual ambition and of conditioning limitations through which arise impediments on the path of Life. Let that note awake in me the time, place and means to reach all nations of the world in brotherhood!

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