Stephen Paddock - Mass Murderer

stephen paddock

“I hate the world because it has rejected me.”

Stephen Paddock killed at least 59 people and injured scores more at a music festival on the famed Las Vegas strip, Sunday 1st October, 10.08pm local time. Here is a brief overview of his astrology and what drove him to do what he did.

9 April 1953 – 1 October 2017
Birth time unknown, an Aries 0 degree chart set for 12 noon.


Narcissist with an inability to relate intimately

a. Selfishness – VENUS afflicted.
The first major flaw in Paddock’s character is shown by afflicted Venus – it is in detriment in selfish Aries and retrograde.  It represents a person whose relationships would potentially fail as long as he remained self-absorbed and selfish and placed his desires and goals above the needs of his partner. News reports tell us that Paddock drifted in and out of relationships, which confirms that he had not yet healed the difficulties he had in forming deeply meaningful and enduring relationships.

b. “Me first!” SUN in Aries.
Paddock was an Aries ego, a sign which encourages us to be first and best. In his professional life he was an accountant and very successful, he made millions. But Aries can also be selfish and when we combine afflicted Venus with a flawed Aries personality we begin to get the sense of a narcissistic personality (extreme love of self) who was at war within himself. Inhibiting Saturn and delusory Neptune were conjunct in Libra – he was continually striving for inner balance.

c. Emotional suppression – MOON in Aquarius.
The second serious flaw in Paddock’s character is the Moon in Aquarius, in a t-square with Jupiter and Pluto. It shows person who would ruthlessly suppress his emotions (Moon opposite Pluto) in order to achieve his hopes and wishes (Aquarius is related to the 11th house). It also reveals – when associated with his narcissistic side, a singular lack of empathy for others.

(A note about the Moon’s location when a birth time is unknown. When a birth time is not known, professional astrologers usually use a chart set for 12 noon with a zero degree Aries ascendant. This forces the reading to be centred on the planets, although houses can be referred to via the signs and their natural rulership of houses. Such a chart – the Moon aside, is really accurate. If a Moon changes signs during the day, then the astrologer has to assess which sign best fits the client and this was done with Paddock.
      The Moon moves approximately 12-13 degrees in a day, and setting the chart up for 12 noon puts the Moon midpoint in that range. You then have your Moon within 6 1/2 degrees (plus or minus ) of being accurate. Paddock’s Moon at noon on the 9th of April was at 24 Aquarius 02 minutes. The range it travelled on the day is 16 Aquarius 49 minutes to to 1 Pisces 19. If he were born in the morning, the Moon would still be in the t-square with Jupiter (23 Taurus) and Pluto (20 Leo 55 or 21 Leo). If he were born after 9.49 pm the Moon would have moved into Pisces and just beyond the traditional 8 degree orb square with Pluto.
The chart has been interpreted with an Aquarius Moon, because it seemed the best fit. Paddock was a loner and aloof, people could not really get to know him – Aquarius Moon traits. Esoterically, an afflicted Moon in Aquarius can symbolise people who get mentally fixated upon what they believe to be true, to the extent they become captive to those beliefs and are unable to see the world from any other angle. They can become insane. With a Pisces Moon, Paddock would have been more of a people person and this does not fit his profile.)

d. Rage and hate – MARS square PLUTO.
To commit such an atrocity, you have to be filled with rage and hate. The Mars–Pluto square in Paddock’s chart represents this. Mars is also afflicted – it is in detriment in Taurus.
This, with the Aquarius Moon, tells us that he would bottle up his anger until it became too much, then he would explode. This is the pattern that is behind the atrocity of his mass killing. Pluto (mass) squares Mars (killing).

e. So what was he angry about?
The number 1 cause of emotional pain in most human beings is rejection. Paddock was essentially bitter and angry over his rejections in love and life, and this is behind his action.
Paddock (Sun-Venus in Aries) bitter (opposing Saturn in Libra); and angry (Mars rules Aries, square Pluto) over being rejected (Venus opposite Saturn, Moon opposite Pluto, Sun square Uranus)

f. Two major patterns in the chart
There are two major planet patterns in Paddock’s chart, and they collided with each other in the period of the attack.
i. Pattern 1: The first pattern contains the Sun, so this pattern concerns his conscious self and acute awareness of his feelings of bitterness and anger at rejection (Sun-Venus opposite Saturn-Neptune, Sun square Uranus, an almost t-square).
ii. Pattern 2: the second pattern contains the Moon, representing unconscious (since he repressed his emotions) or unacknowledged emotions (T-square pattern, Moon – Pluto – Jupiter, Mars). Containing as it does Mars and Pluto, it is his rage pattern.
Pattern 2 had rotated by solar arc so that it had settled over pattern 1.

Astrology behind the event – 1 October 2017

Spaddock new

His raged surfaced and he was compelled to do something to hit back at those who had rejected him.
o    SA (solar-arc directions) Moon was on natal Sun-Venus. The Moon’s position is only approximate. If he were born in the morning it would be more firmly connecting with Sun-Venus.
o    SA Mars at 17 Cancer was conjunct progressed Uranus at 17 Cancer. Uranus and Aquarius are representatives of humanity.
o    SA Uranus was at 16-17 Virgo, conjunct transit Mars at 17 Virgo.
o    Transit Mars was at 17 Virgo, sextile SA Mars, it was easy for him to do this.
o    Transit Pluto at 16 Capricorn, opposing SA Mars at 17 Cancer.

He chose guns as his means of execution, and those that would inflict mega damage and carnage on people
o     Natal Mars square Pluto.
o    SA Pluto conjunct Saturn-Neptune in Libra, the sign that represents “others”.
o    Transit Pluto at 16 Capricorn, opposing SA Mars at 17 Cancer.

He wanted to make a powerful statement to the world – “I hate the world because it has rejected me.”
o    Transit Pluto was in Capricorn, the sign that is the natural ruler of the 10th house of worldly success.

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4 comments to Stephen Paddock – Mass Murderer

  • Agree with what you say Torgy. I think it is a manifestation of the 5thray and its tendency to divide causing cleavages. People become alienated from their emotions, groups of people become alienated from other groups etc. It is receding and the 7th ray that unites is pouring in, so look for positive changes in the coming decades.

  • Torgny Jansson

    I think you found the real cause and the essence of the motive behind this very unfortunate deed. ““I hate the world because it has rejected me.”

    In my view almost all people I have investigated when it comes to terrorism, school shootings and other similar cases, there is almost always the sign of alienation. These people are not really in contact with their emotions, they suppress them until they explode. They also tend to feel alienated from society and people around them, and those around them rarely notice that these people are in big trouble.

    There is no excuse for these deeds, and it is a personal karma for them. But I think this also has to do a lot with a collective karma, what is it with modern society that produce so many angry men (they are usually men)? Maybe all these deeds are a sign that something has to be adjusted in modern society. What is the inner cause of this?

  • But I was not interpreting your chart Keith, I was interpreting the chart of a mass murderer. There is a difference

  • Keith Gorley

    While the Mars in Taurus, Pluto in Leo square is prominent in my chart, I am not filled with rage and hate.

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